Gay pride.

Over on Facebook, I had this to say about so many people changing their profile pictures to look like this:


You know what, it warms my heart so much to see this outpouring of support for the Supreme Court victory that now recognizes that gay people can marry and enjoy all the benefits of a male-female marriage. Seeing all the rainbow colors on so many profiles–even people I never expected–gives me have hope for this country, that perhaps we are finally on our way to peace between diverse groups of people and we can just all see each other as fellow Americans. We still have a looooooong way to go, and maybe I’m just being naive or “malignantly optimistic,” but it is a start. Congratulations to all my gay friends.

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  1. Congratulations to the USA for finally doing the right thing, that was a HUGE step for you as a Nation, one that I imagine you found frightening but you did it anyway, it was a step in the right direction, nothing was lost, but everything was gained ๐Ÿ™‚ just know that up here in Canada we are cheering for and applauding you …. you truly are the home of the Brave and the land of the Free , again Congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Congratulations and welcome to a world where discrimination on sexual grounds is pushed into the past. Love comes to us all, we don’t get the option of deciding who we love, it’s in the genes. We should all be happy that any couple in love can now marry.

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  3. Let’s just say I am “malignantly pessimistic” after reactions by many Republican presidential candidates to recent Supreme Court rulings on much of the “progressive agenda” i.e. gay marriage, Obamacare, the environment, etc. Should make for an interesting election, anyway, especially after the primary dust clears and we see how far right their selected candidate will have to go. If they succeed in getting their followers aka voters to distrust Hillary enough, God help us while they spend their time repealing or changing all these new laws.

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    • Interesting. I’m a little scared about this election, tbh. I don’t trust ANY politicians and sometimes don’t vote (well, I always vote in presidential elections, just not local ones). Almost all our recent presidents have been huge disappointments. The only one in the past 20 years I can honestly say wasn’t *that* bad was Bill Clinton. At least he got some things done and the economy improved. He transgressed in his pesonal life–okay, that was stupid of him but really, it has nothing to do with his ability to run a country. He may have been somewaht narcissistic (they all have been except Jimmy Carter) but not malignant and i think his effect on this country was on the whole positive and actually showed results.

      I’m probably gonna vote for Hillary. I would prefer Bernie Sanders but I’m not sure he would have a chance. Better Hillary than the jokes we call the Republican candidates.

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