Can I do it? Can I do it?


“I think I can. I think I can.”
–The Little Engine who Could

Although my blog has been definitely picking up (a couple of my articles even have been appearing on PAGE ONE of Google!!!), September 21st is still my “Best Day Ever”–the day my “I’m Frustrated” rant was reblogged by OM at Harsh Reality and I was swarmed with new viewers and followers (354 views that day to be exact). It was a heady day, especially because I was new at this and had only been blogging for 11 days. Prior to that I had a pitiful 12 followers and almost no comments or views (and that’s why I was so frustrated and wrote that rant).

This month, I’ve noticed my views have been increasing a lot. If I knew how to “screencap” the graph on my stats page, I would. But now I’m getting views and comments even on days I haven’t posted anything new, and I’m getting more views every day. So far today I have a whopping 244 views, which is the most I’ve had since September 21. That’s exciting!

I’m hoping to beat my “best day ever.” I still have a few hours left. I wonder if I can do it?

9 thoughts on “Can I do it? Can I do it?

  1. you have a great blog and great topics and I always enjoy stopping by to read , in fact your blog is right up in my top 5 daily reads, and for the record, you beat out Opinionated man for that top spot! lol , just 1 quick question completely off topic, what sorcery did you use to get your community grid to be a triple grid?? try as I might I can not get mine to do that, I’m stuck at a double grid… you got 3 rows.. and I would like that too lol

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    • Thank you , I am so flattered I’m in your top 5 *blush*

      Community grid? Triple community grid? I have no idea even what that is? Can you tell me what you mean?


      • lol, the blogs you follow list, it shows small icons and 3 rows where mine has bigger icons and only 2 rows lol, yours is way cooler than mine and I have spent days trying to get mine to look like yours lol

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        • Oh, okay. I don’t know what template you are using (I think you are also using the 20-10 theme) . I am actually using the “community” widget, not the “blogs I follow.” You can set your “community” with small icons or with large ones, and have “a few” showing, or “lots.” I used large icons/”lots” Hope that helps!


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