When the devil comes to call


This is a fictional account of a hypothetical visit from Satan, the entity who knows more than anyone else what exactly makes psychopaths tick. I found it on the excellent blog Country of Liars. The blogger, like many victims of psychopathic abuse, comes from a family of psychopaths, and here the Devil makes a house call and explains a few things! It’s a good story, and it had me on the edge of my seat!

Read the story here.


3 thoughts on “When the devil comes to call

  1. *Brimstone* was – somewhere; the precise location eludes me – diagnosed as being an ***especially*** adept ‘narcissistic psychopath.”

    try “brace” & “narcissistic psychopath” & “s#t#n” (substitute ‘a’ for #).

    That should find the article.



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