Ever have one of those days…

…where you just don’t feel like writing anything? I’m having one of them today. I’ve found they happen just after I write a “big” post about a major issue in my life. It’s as if I need a few days to decompress and get my creative mojo back. I feel guilty if I don’t write, so I’m posting this so at least I can say I wrote something.

I decided to add a poll to flesh this out a little more, plus I’m genuinely curious about other bloggers’ writing habits.

5 thoughts on “Ever have one of those days…

  1. When I can’t write and I want to, it’s usually because I don’t feel inspired or emotionally stirred enough by anything to write. I went away this weekend to spend time with my family, and when I came back my head was buzzing with ideas. Perhaps breaking away from the norm and doing something that thrills you or maybe doing nothing with someone who thrills you would work?

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    • I usually find when I’m not rushed and can relax, ideas come more easily. My life isn’t very exciting LOL , but on the weekends I have a lot of free time and no problems thinking up things to write about. I think this weekend I’ll do a post about my pets–I adore them and haven’t posting anything yet about them!


      • Good idea. I am thinking about posting something on my blog, asking people for writing prompts. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. 🙂


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