My most popular posts.

30 days
These are the posts that got the most views over the past 30 days. The blanks are for the static pages in the header that also get a lot of views, but they’re not really articles so I didn’t include them.

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All time!
The second chart shows my Top 18 articles of all time–since I started this blog almost half a year ago. It’s obvious here that writing about Sam Vaknin is guaranteed to get me a bunch of views and those articles are ALWAYS wildly popular, but I’m running out of things to say about him, so what should I do? Furries are popular too; should I write more articles about furries? Maybe narcissistic furries? They must exist.

Click to enlarge. I know I’m being redundant.

I really wanted to write a post further exploring the controversial topic of healing (not just treating) NPD, but my brain isn’t in top form tonight, and I have a little more reading and research to do before I can write the kind of post I want to about that.

12 thoughts on “My most popular posts.

  1. Hey, good write, nice numbers. I only just started all of this, and I will get really excited when I get 100 views. My numbers are going up, but I haven’t hit 70 yet. anyway hope more goes better for you, and I will keep coming by to read your posts.

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    • It takes time. What helped me a lot in the beginning was being discovered by OM (Opinionated Man). His blog Harsh Reality is great and he gives wonderful advice to new bloggers. He also has “meet and greets” where you can pimp your blog there. I was lucky enough for him to reblog one of my early rants (about how I wasn’t getting any views or comments. LOL) — that post was called “I’m Frustrated” and is still one of my more popular posts.

      My advice:
      Be patient and do everything OM says. Post something every day. Keep your titles catchy. If you write long posts, use photos or graphics to break them up. Don’t be afraid to get personal and always be honest. Never give up. Eventually you will see your stats go up. You do not need SEO, just patience.

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