No water. Is this 2015 or 1915?

What century am I living in?

Now I’m without water or a car. My car’s still in the shop (probably until Monday), my roommate’s car needs a new battery, and for two days the bathroom pipes have been frozen even though I let them drip when the temperatures dropped below freezing the other night. The only running water in the house is the toilet and the kitchen faucet.

But two hours ago I lost those too. And I can’t get to the store to fill my water jugs that I keep around for emergencies, or even buy bottled water. It’s -2 degrees out, with an even colder wind chill. That’s somewhat unusual in this part of the country, where even in the mountains, the temperatures rarely get below the 20’s if you’re in a valley (as I am).

There’s a little hard, icy snow on the ground but not much. I may have to go outside and try to withstand the ice cold temps to scrape some off the ground to fill some pots and pans, which I can then boil. At least there’s electricity.
Oops, I had better shut up. I could jinx that too.


I called the water company to find out if the problem was my pipes (since my tub and bathroom sink haven’t worked for two days) or something else. It turns out there’s a water outage that is effecting the entire neighborhood. I was assured it should be back on by 10 PM tonight–that is if the pipes to my kitchen sink and toilet don’t freeze too, since I haven’t been able to drip the faucet or flush the toilet.

But you know what? People lived like this for thousands of years. You will never miss what you never had, or have no concept of. People even today, in developing countries, live with no running water or electricity, and they never complain. We have become so entitled.

At least I have the Internet so I can whine.

6 thoughts on “No water. Is this 2015 or 1915?

  1. LOL, oh dear! Hang in there.There have been a few times when I had no water, no electricity, but I had the internet!

    A few months back I got a shut off notice for the water and figured I’d better go pay the bill, so I drove to their office and did it. Not more than four hours later, they shut the water off for the whole neighborhood! It took two days for them to fix a water pipe. Made me crazy because the whole reason I paid the bill was so that we’d have water and that didn’t even go right 😉

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    • That’s crazy. I’m wondering why they shut the water off when it’s been so cold and so many people have frozen pipes to begin with. Maybe a water main burst due to freezing pipes. I’ll just be happy when I can run the kitchen tap and flush the toilet again. I don’t know how long it will be until my tub and bathroom sink is working again–could be saturday because it’s not supposed to get much warmer until then. Ugh.


  2. Damn…that is why I live in the South. We are dropping down into the mid 30’s tonight, so I may have to break out a jacket!!! OMG…my life is over!!

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