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I guess I won’t be going anywhere today.

The view from my window at around 7:30 AM: 8:45 AM: It shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Advertisements

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No white Christmas this year.

I’m not a big fan of snow or cold weather, but this entire month has been unseasonably warm, and after two or three days of moderately cold weather (but still above freezing), the springlike weather is back. Her’es a screenshot … Continue reading

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Alright, snow, you’re pretty. Satisfied now?

As much as I hate cold weather and snow, I have to admit this scene when I looked out my window today is beautiful. Sure, it means another day of not being able to get to work (and my water … Continue reading

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Go away, winter.

When I opened my front door this morning, I saw this lovely scene. I’ve had it. This hasn’t been such a bad winter overall, until this month. If we’re going to get snow and sub-zero temperatures here in western North … Continue reading

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No water. Is this 2015 or 1915?

What century am I living in? Now I’m without water or a car. My car’s still in the shop (probably until Monday), my roommate’s car needs a new battery, and for two days the bathroom pipes have been frozen even … Continue reading

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At least winter won’t egg your house.

My son tweeted this, but what’s he talking about? He lives in Florida!

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why I can’t stand snow

“Sooooo….I hear it’s gonna be a rough winter this year.” ARGGGHHHH! I hear this every single year, starting in about August. It drives me insane. First of all, how does anyone know how rough the winter’s gonna be? Weather forecasters … Continue reading

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