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Spring in February?

If you doubted climate change is real, the past two winters are enough proof to me that it is.   The past two winters are the two warmest winters on record (for this region, anyway), and I have never seen … Continue reading

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Storm approaching.

What the sky looked like as tonight’s thunderstorm rolled in.  

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Too much of a good thing?

This summer’s weather has been crazy.   All of June was very dry in my part of the county (western NC), barely any rain at all.   April and May were dry as well, which is unusual since normally these are two of … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Colin to hit Gulf coast of Florida

My son lives in New Port Richey, Florida, which is right in the projected path of Tropical Storm Colin, which is due to make landfall later tonight. My son’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie (he wanted to be a … Continue reading

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Cold spring.

I don’t know about other areas, but with the exception of a few warm, almost hot days, April and May have been exceptionally chilly, making jackets and sweaters necessary, even during the day.   Today was more like mid-November than … Continue reading

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No white Christmas this year.

I’m not a big fan of snow or cold weather, but this entire month has been unseasonably warm, and after two or three days of moderately cold weather (but still above freezing), the springlike weather is back. Her’es a screenshot … Continue reading

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Ominous clouds.

For awhile it looked a bit threatening, but nothing happened and soon the hot sun was back out. It’s been like this all day, as if the weather has Borderline Personality Disorder.

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Summer storm.

At around 7:30 PM the sky began to get very dark, and a severe thunderstorm warning was issued. I drove to the nearby shopping center parking lot so I could get some good photos of the storm coming in. It … Continue reading

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A close call.

My friend (and commenter on this blog) Alaina lives in Eastern New Mexico, where the prairie meets the desert. Severe storms and tornadoes are a common occurrence in her part of the country in the spring. She sent me these … Continue reading

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Global warming, you say?

It’s almost May and it’s 47 degrees outside and windy. Brrrrr!

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