Global warming, you say?


It’s almost May and it’s 47 degrees outside and windy. Brrrrr!

18 thoughts on “Global warming, you say?

  1. It’s actually warmer here at 60 degrees. I might just have to get out in this.
    I’ve been keeping my eye on that pink flowered dog-wood and it only has a few flowers on it that have actually bloomed. It’s depressing…and weird since the white flower one has bloomed.

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    • That’s weird about the pink one. The most depressing thing I ever saw weather wise was in 2007 or 2008 I think it was–around the middle of April, everything was already in blossom and we got a deep freeze and the temp dropped to about 18.F. All the blooms were killed and the trees stayed bare until May but then just turned green. Hot weather with bare trees was just weird and depressing.

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      • Yeah, that’s weird too. Probably happened here too, but my memory for things like that is sorely lacking. I do remember though that when I was a kid it snowed in April on Easter once, but that’s only because my dad mentioned for years after.

        I took a pic of one of the few flowers on the pink dogwood but you can’t really tell that they’re pink. Figures, since I said something about it. lol

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  2. Your having a cool day is weather. Some days are warm; some are cool. Global warming is a climate phenomenon and is – well – global. It doesn’t mean that everywhere is hotter than normal all the time; it means that the average temperature of the whole world is rising. This tends to cause more extremes in weather, which, depending on your geography, could mean more drought, severe storms, hurricanes, blizzards, etc.

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