It’s hot here.


I’m tempted to turn on the AC. It got up to 75 today. Hot short days. Very strange.

I wore my FLIP FLOPS today.

The Warmest Christmas Eve the East Coast Has Ever Seen
It’s not just in the South.

In New York, the forecast high temperature of 74 degrees on Thursday is just 1 degree Fahrenheit shy of the actual high temperature on July 4, 2015, the National Weather Service said.

Global warming, you say?


It’s almost May and it’s 47 degrees outside and windy. Brrrrr!

March madness.

March is a weird month.
Yesterday was sunny, extremely windy, and in the low 70s.
On Sunday, temps climbed into the low 80s.
Today was like late November, cold and rainy, temps in the low 40s.
This weekend is supposed to be pretty, but then they are talking about SNOW after that.
Tornado season starts about now, too. Fortunately i don’t live in a Tornado Alley state.

Welcome, Spring!