It’s hot here.


I’m tempted to turn on the AC. It got up to 75 today. Hot short days. Very strange.

I wore my FLIP FLOPS today.

The Warmest Christmas Eve the East Coast Has Ever Seen
It’s not just in the South.

In New York, the forecast high temperature of 74 degrees on Thursday is just 1 degree Fahrenheit shy of the actual high temperature on July 4, 2015, the National Weather Service said.

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  2. We here in the Northeastern US have been lucky that our weather extreme was just unusually warm weather. The storms and tornadoes down South and the wildfires in CA that I saw on the news were terrifying.

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  3. Unfortunately (for me anyways) our Xmas was green. 😦 It shouldn’t bother me bc I am Jewish but at this time LAST year it was snowing. I think God jipped us. :/


    • Wow, 70s and 80s in North Carolina in December?? Here in New Mexico our temps are down in the teens and we are in the middle of a 3-day blizzard. Until a few hours ago, our entire town had no electricity for 21 hours. Snow drifts outside are higher than my head. I was seriously afraid we would freeze to death, before we remembered that our stove runs on gas and does not require electricity to operate! Although keeping the gas oven turned on only got the temperature inside the house back up to the low 50s, it kept us alive!!

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