March madness.

March is a weird month.
Yesterday was sunny, extremely windy, and in the low 70s.
On Sunday, temps climbed into the low 80s.
Today was like late November, cold and rainy, temps in the low 40s.
This weekend is supposed to be pretty, but then they are talking about SNOW after that.
Tornado season starts about now, too. Fortunately i don’t live in a Tornado Alley state.

Welcome, Spring!


7 thoughts on “March madness.

  1. It’s snowing here right now. It’s been warm here too but we haven’t reached 80. I think when you were at 80 we were at 60 or there abouts. I’m up the coast a bit in PA.

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    • PA would be colder than NC, even in the mountains. The winters here can be intense and very cold (usually not until February though) but fortunately, they are short. (Last year was not, but last winter was brutal for almost everyone).

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