My crazy fantasies.


I have some crazy fantasies. As an INFJ Aspie with an extremely vivid imagination, for me these fantasies can be almost as real as reality itself, and that is really pretty cool. Some people, usually neurotypical extroverts, think it’s unhealthy to live inside my head so much. I disagree. If I enjoy these thoughts and they don’t interfere with day to day functioning, how is it unhealthy?

I won’t go into the details of my fantasy life but there are times I think there’s something wrong with me for having the kinds of thoughts I do and deriving so much pleasure from them.


I was telling a friend on FB tonight about the details of one fantasy. She doesn’t think I’m crazy but pretty normal. I just had to bounce this off someone else as a sort of reality check. I need to do that from time to time, just to make sure I’m not insane.

I think most of us, especially if we’re introverted, have our secret life we don’t want to talk about. It’s like having our own personal movie that we write, direct, cast and star in. These personal movies can make a rather humdrum, often irritating and sometimes depressing life seem more full and interesting.

The other great thing about having such an active inner fantasy life is it sometimes jumpstarts creative ideas, which can be transformed into actual, tangible things that can be shared with the whole world.

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      • I have the most trouble with beginnings. I wrote a novel some years ago, and the ending of it is really good, but the beginning is clunky and needs to be completely rewritten. You can’t hook your readers in and get them to stick with you if your story starts out lame — even if you know that it’s going to get a lot better, your reader doesn’t know that.


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    I have an overactive imagination like you. Can’t watch violence or horror as they stay with me forever. There is just so much looking under the bed one can do. When I was working I didn’t write as much because I get lost in it and wheeeeee off I go. Enjoy it. It is a lot better than being in a grey world.


  2. I have a very vivid imagination (some would say fucked up, lol). I think part of it is that I am typically a very reserved person during the day, so my brain mentally needs this release. I think everyone has the “devil and angel” on their shoulder. At night, in my dreams is when my inner devil gets to play.

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