Too much of a good thing?


This summer’s weather has been crazy.   All of June was very dry in my part of the county (western NC), barely any rain at all.   April and May were dry as well, which is unusual since normally these are two of the wettest months (November and early December are generally  wetter though–or they seem to be).

My grass was turning brown and my flowers were dying.   It’s been nice not having to mow the yard every weekend (or really, at all!) but the prospect of drought and possible wildfires was not a pleasant one.   Like people all over this region, I prayed for rain.  But day after day passed with not a drop.

I suppose God got irritated with all the constant rain requests, because for the past three days we’ve been hit every evening with not just rain–but downpours of almost Biblical proportions, complete with thunder, lightning, hail, and very high winds.   Last night and the night before,  we had severe thunderstorm warnings and these storms were a little scary!   Last night’s storm produced flooding rain and the wind was gusting at 65mph, enough to blow the lightweight furniture off my porch and knock over a few of my potted plants.    My cats came running inside when they heard the clap of thunder, cowering and their poor fur standing on end.

Tonight is predicted to be much the same.  Right now, it’s calm but we’re under a severe storm watch and storms are popping up on the radar all over the region.   And it doesn’t look like this pattern is going to end anytime soon. Check out this week’s forecast.




7 thoughts on “Too much of a good thing?

  1. I’m always so grateful during storms that we have a solid roof over our heads and a cozy place to live. We don’t have kitties anymore but we used to and I could always perceive the same gratitude in their little fur faces during a storm especially durring a heavy thunder and lightening storm. Their eyes said ” I’m sure glad we have this comfy home Mommy!”. lol
    Some day maybe you will share a picture of your fur babies?

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    • I have already (I have to find the posts) or maybe I’ll do a new post about them soon. 🙂
      I’m so glad I don’t live in that trailer anymore. This house is built like a rock.

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  2. I used to have a cat who was terrified of thunderstorms. At the first hint of thunder, he scurried down to the basement and cowered behind the water heater until it was over. He was same way with fireworks.

    The cats I have now don’t seem to mind either fireworks or thunderstorms. On Independence Day while the fireworks were going off, they sat out on the screen porch, completely unfazed by the racket. We’ve had some rather loud thunderstorms in the last couple of weeks and still they just sat out on the porch. They only come inside if it’s so windy that the rain is coming in through the screens. 🙂

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