Cold spring.


I don’t know about other areas, but with the exception of a few warm, almost hot days, April and May have been exceptionally chilly, making jackets and sweaters necessary, even during the day.   Today was more like mid-November than mid-late May–overcast, rainy and only about 60.   It’s windy too, making it seem even colder.  Earlier this month, there was actually snow in some higher elevations (and this ain’t exactly the Rockies).   Two nights ago we were down in the low 40’s.   I’m actually running the heat right now.  It’s so fall-like I half-expect the leaves to start changing colors. It’s also been very dry–so dry there have been fires in some places, which is unusual in the spring.   My area is finally getting some rain, but it’s still not exactly warm.

The year 1816 is remembered as the “year without a summer.”  Temperatures in the northern hemisphere were much lower than average all that summer. The bizarre weather was a “volcanic winter” caused by the eruption of Mount Tambora in the Dutch East Indies.   While I haven’t heard about any volcanic eruptions and there’s no reason to think this summer won’t be as hot as always, right now I’m tempted to pull out the fall decorations.

I’m planning to spend Memorial Day at the lake, so I sure hope it warms up a little.


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5 Responses to Cold spring.

  1. It’s been the same for us. Rather chilly. But it’s good. California is in a serious drought and the latest thing we need is another rampaging fire due to high temperatures.

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I got some heat my way I’d be more than happy to lend ya!

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  3. I was hoping for a cool, overcast day this week because I need to go to the greenhouse and get my flowers and plants for summer. The greenhouse is an OVEN whenever it’s hot and sunny, and it kind of takes the fun out of plant shopping. But this whole week is going to be hot. Ugh.

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