New share buttons.


I noticed WordPress has made three new share buttons available: Skype, Telegram, and WhatsApp (which I have never heard of).   I added the Skype and Telegram buttons.  I wonder why there isn’t an option for Instagram, with it being as popular as it is right now.

10 thoughts on “New share buttons.

  1. Probably no button for Instagram bc it’s to share pics from your phone. There is no desktop equivalent to Instagram, it’s made to be used from a mobile. Plus, it’s pictures, not words.

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  2. Whatsapp is a messenging service owned by Facebook where you can message anyone around the world for free, without restrictions. And you can have group messages for as many as a hundred people at a time. There are blogger groups, families, businesses who have groups on there where you can message and keep in touch all day. You can send video clips, videos of yourself like FaceTime, pictures, and articles through the application. It’s very helpful. And as of this year it’s free forever.

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