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If you’ve lost views recently due to loss of StumbleUpon, try Pinterest!

StumbleUpon, which was bringing me an insane number of views every day (who knew it had that much influence?) recently folded and changed their name to “Mix.”  I don’t like Mix.  I find it confusing, impossible to understand or to … Continue reading

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Well, this is very surprising (and disappointing).

I was dismayed to check my stats this morning and find my views had suddenly dropped by more than half. Other bloggers have been saying the same thing has been happening to them since August 1. So it isn’t just … Continue reading

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How to retain your blog’s traffic when you aren’t writing new content.

If you’ve been around a while, you probably noticed I post a lot less frequently.  During my first two or three years as a blogger, I posted at least one new post a day, and sometimes several a day.   Now … Continue reading

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New share buttons.

I noticed WordPress has made three new share buttons available: Skype, Telegram, and WhatsApp (which I have never heard of).   I added the Skype and Telegram buttons.  I wonder why there isn’t an option for Instagram, with it being … Continue reading

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Using StumbleUpon to boost your traffic.

About a month ago, at the suggestion of another blogger,  I added a Stumble Upon sharing button to this blog.  This blogger said they got a huge upsurge in traffic just from sharing on StumbleUpon.  I didn’t believe it though. … Continue reading

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Why this blog is becoming successful and how yours can too.

The beginning: Taking that first, scary leap of faith. When I started this blog in September, my intention wasn’t to have a “successful” blog. My initial aim (and still my primary aim!) was to heal myself from PTSD, severe anxiety … Continue reading

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The drudgery of blogging

As writers, we get excited about getting a new idea out there on our blogs. I know I do! After I’ve spent an hour or two laboring lovingly over a new article, then editing it about 30 times to make … Continue reading

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