My views are way down and I’m not sure why.

My views are about a third of what they used to be, if that.    This has been going on for awhile now, and it isn’t getting better, no matter what I do.

I know I don’t write new posts every day like I used to, and that probably is a factor, but it still seems odd.   Sharing to Pinterest does help, but nowhere near enough.  Search engine views in general are down.

I wonder if the Internet is being restricted in places where it wasn’t before, or if the time of year has something to do with it.

Or maybe not focusing exclusively on narcissism anymore has made my blog less popular.

Are other bloggers also experiencing this?

Does anyone know what’s going on?  Or is my blog just getting boring?

If you’ve lost views recently due to loss of StumbleUpon, try Pinterest!


StumbleUpon, which was bringing me an insane number of views every day (who knew it had that much influence?) recently folded and changed their name to “Mix.”  I don’t like Mix.  I find it confusing, impossible to understand or to use, not to mention the aggravation of creating a custom sharing icon for it.

Why are things that work perfectly well always getting “improved”?   If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!    It’s so frustrating and infuriating!

But I think I found a solution, or at least a partial solution.  I already had a Pinterest account from way back when I started this blog (or maybe even before?), but never used it and never bothered sharing anything to it.  Pinterest seemed kind of pointless as far as social media platforms go, just a bunch of pictures with links on them.   But really, that’s all SU ever was too.   Both are social media aggregators, not really social media sites in the same sense as Facebook or Twitter.

Okay, so since I’ve been sharing to Pinterest, my stats have improved. My views have gone back up.   Alright, fine, maybe they’re not as high as they were during the SU days, but definitely better than they were earlier this month.  My statistics page shows that after Google, Pinterest is now my second highest source for views.

I hope this helps some of you who have also experienced a drop in views and activity since the demise of SU.    It also helps that the Pinterest share button is included in the WordPress sharing buttons, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of creating a custom button for it.


Well, this is very surprising (and disappointing).

I was dismayed to check my stats this morning and find my views had suddenly dropped by more than half. Other bloggers have been saying the same thing has been happening to them since August 1. So it isn’t just that people have suddenly decided I have a terrible blog.

One of my first thoughts was that it’s the Trump regime’s net neutrality repeal going into effect, making it more difficult for people to access “small time” or controversial blogs. But apparently that isn’t the reason either.

I was just informed by another blogger that StumbleUpon has changed to something called Mix, and that the SU views probably have to do with the sudden dropoffs in viewers.

That’s surprising to me since I never thought SU had that much impact on blog visibility. I mean, it’s not Facebook or Twitter! But somehow, I must have been getting at least half my views through SU. I knew it had some impact, but I thought it was only a little bit.

I set up a new account at Mix but I had to do it through my Twitter account (it only gave me three choices: Facebook, Twitter or Google). I have no clue how to share my posts here to Mix, and there don’t seem to be any instructions on doing so. I don’t really understand how the site works or what its purpose is. I’m very disappointed and upset about all this.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing (and hoping) that now that I set up a Mix account, since all my posts are automatically shared to Twitter, then Mix somehow picks them up on their site too. Is that how it works?

Only 862 views yesterday?!

I know I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I used to (I hope to change that soon — I just haven’t been as motivated), and a drop off in views is expected.    But yesterday’s views were about half of what they have been: only 862.

I’m not sure if this is an internet issue, a sudden drop off of interest, or even the Net Neutrality repeal going into effect (most of my readers are in the United States, and maybe people can’t access this site anymore).

I hope it isn’t the last one, because there’d be nothing I can do to remedy the situation.  If it’s a drop off in interest, I can start posting more again.  That’s a situation I can control to some extent.

Are any other bloggers having this issue?

Reblog button: still no answers.


After I asked my question last night about why the reblog button disappeared, I checked the WordPress Forums, and found a thread near the top about it:

Apparently the disappearing reblog button is a systemwide issue that is affecting most or all blogs.

None of the “happiness engineers” seem to have any information or seem to know much about the problem other than that it exists.    Rather than apologize for the inconvenience (which they should be doing), we are being snarkily accused of “complaining” and treated in a condescending way — the insinuation being that we “don’t know how” to do a manual reblog or use the Press This or Share feature.

I’m pretty sure we all know how to do a manual reblog.   I’ve done it myself, when I want to “reblog” a post that isn’t on

But the reblog button provides a measure of security.   If someone reblogs your post using the “reblog” button, they cannot edit your content.  All they can do is add a comment of their own if they wish to do so.   Manually reblogging a post means it is possible to edit it.     The reblog button is/was a very convenient and popular feature.

It was also suggested by the happiness engineers to use the “Press This” button or share the post from the Reader, but I dislike both of those methods.

One of the replies in the forum thread explained the difference this way:

Reblog button procedure:
Click the reblog button twice and the story ends here

Press this button procedure:
1) You click the reblog button [I think they meant click “press this” button]
2) You wait for a/the window to appear.
3) You copy some content from the desired article
4) You paste the content from the desired article in the window that just appeared
5) You copy the title of the aforementioned article
6) You paste the title in the title form in the new window
7) You press “publish” TWICE
8) You press the “X” button for the window to disappear

As you can see, “Press This” is a lot more complicated, and the content may not be safe from someone else having the ability to edit it.

Another obvious advantage of the reblog button is it’s so simple to use that people are encouraged to reblog your posts, which helps more people see your blog/increases your hits.   I don’t think people will be doing much reblogging if they have to go through all the complicated steps of the Press This feature or do a manual reblog.   I think most bloggers enjoy the extra visibility that having their posts reblogged gives them, but without the reblog button,  people just won’t bother.

I’m wondering if there’s some kind of coverup going on.   It’s been almost a week now since the reblog button disappeared, which seems way too long for something that simple.  I really hope WordPress isn’t planning to make this a “paid feature” or do away with it altogether as another one of their “improvements” that are anything but.

I hope I’m wrong about this, but after a week, you’d think someone on the WordPress staff would know something more than just telling us to use some other method.

Search terms that make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.


I just read a short post by another blogger who wrote that in her search terms, she found her full (real) name followed by “bad parent.”

That’s pretty alarming and would suggest this blogger may be being stalked by someone she knows.   I’ve been lucky that way I guess, but I remember a few months ago, I did see a search term that said “Lucky Otter is an idiot and a psychopath.”   That made me sort of cringe a little inside.   I hate it when people hate me.   I have no idea who used a search term like that, nor do I want to know.   Probably someone I pissed off in a blog post.  Who cares?   Much more creepy than that was the time I found this in my list of terms:  “I want to f*** Lauren Bennett.” (That isn’t even my real name). This was followed by a few more words describing doing something that was even more unmentionable on a blog like this one. I bet I’m twice the age of whatever sociopathic basement dweller searched for this blog that way.

Most of my search terms are pretty boring.  So boring that I stopped making posts listing the “funny” search terms because there really aren’t any funny ones.  They’re all about as interesting as staring at a beige cinder block wall.