Search terms that make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.


I just read a short post by another blogger who wrote that in her search terms, she found her full (real) name followed by “bad parent.”

That’s pretty alarming and would suggest this blogger may be being stalked by someone she knows.   I’ve been lucky that way I guess, but I remember a few months ago, I did see a search term that said “Lucky Otter is an idiot and a psychopath.”   That made me sort of cringe a little inside.   I hate it when people hate me.   I have no idea who used a search term like that, nor do I want to know.   Probably someone I pissed off in a blog post.  Who cares?   Much more creepy than that was the time I found this in my list of terms:  “I want to f*** Lauren Bennett.” (That isn’t even my real name). This was followed by a few more words describing doing something that was even more unmentionable on a blog like this one. I bet I’m twice the age of whatever sociopathic basement dweller searched for this blog that way.

Most of my search terms are pretty boring.  So boring that I stopped making posts listing the “funny” search terms because there really aren’t any funny ones.  They’re all about as interesting as staring at a beige cinder block wall.


Search terms roundup #8: my weirdest and funniest search terms for May

Credit: Belladefeer’s Bucket

I decided to do something a little different. Instead of just posting search terms for one week and include all the boring ones, here I’m just going to list the search terms from the past month that are the weirdest, most interesting or the funniest. So here they are!

2015-05-01 to Today

what personality disorder arrives after being raised by a narcissistic father It could be almost all of them but did one knock at your door?
can npd be cured by faith 3 Maybe.
help@shopbonanza 2 You’re obviously on the wrong site.
nsrcissist + vaknin – ant 2 Is this some kind of equation? What are you trying to find out?
how psychopaths dogs 2
is phychopath has cat 2
doesmentalillnessexcuseabuse? 2 It might be easier to find what you want if you used spaces between words.
do narcs make you fat 2 Hmmm, interesting. Personally I’d rather get fat on cake or ice cream, which tastes better.
narcissist “you’re too sensitive” 2 The narcissist? Or is that what the narcissist is calling you?
narcissist posing as an indigo 1 Wow…I should write about that.
positif thinking 1
how to have a conversation with a narcissist 1 Forget it. It will be a monologue.
i’m stupid, mad, selfish shemless so plz alone me 1 Plz alone me? I know what you mean though.
narcissist and bowel problems 1 LOL!
meth and narcissim 1 I like the idea of a narc without teeth.
almost there 1 Where?
narcissist masturbation 1 ooookayyyyy…
cats are psychopaths 1 They are?
a nasassistic daughtet in law turned my son that way 1 That really sucks, but you mangled “narcissist.” That’s okay though, they deserve mangling. sexy 1 Snort.
my psychotherapy is a narcissistic dick 1 I like your honesty. Send that therapist packing and get a new one.
daughters of narcisstic mothers dsughtets cutting tsttoos 1
do you have a learning disability or narcissism 1 I think narcissism is an inability to learn empathy so in that sense it could be a learning disability.
good hsps can overpower evil hsps 1
mithrrs fay card narcissidtic no contsct mother 1 Are you drunk?
son sent impersonal mothers day card 1
avoidant personality disorder songs 1 “He’s So Shy” is the one that comes off the top of my head. I’m sure there are others.
snob vs narcissist 1 Confusing, isn’t it?
can your husband be a somatic narcissist what is younger and then as he becomes older becomes rebo purchases 1 What?
toxic danny rage 1 That sounds like a good band name.
my cocaine addict ex boyfriend went into a rage2 months ago and i havent talked to him since and i miss him 1 Sorry but you’re probably better off.
shifts between being vulnerable and a narcissist 1 Sounds like a possible borderline.
political correctness personality disorder 1 If there was one, it would be NPD. Narcissists are obsessed with political correctness.
narcs around the house 1 That made me laugh for some reason.
hot or not narcissistic 1 Not hot.
so my cerebral narc was never sexually attracted to me? 1 Probably not but it’s nothing personal.
under the door damage on my honda accord is it totalled 1 Someone actually Googled my daughter’s car wreck?
haters quotes you can write on cars 1 You should be able to find plenty of them on Google image. I wouldn’t advise writing them on cars though.
sexy male smart face teenage body builders in bath room 1 How did you find this site?
why does my mom think being a furry is a phase 1 My son’s grandfather thinks the same thing.
all are hurting me 1
diabolical machinations of person with npd 1 I like the poetic way you put that.
im a mean narcissist 1 Go away.
bereavement of humourous insect character 1
the narcissist’s front yard is immaculate but their backyard is a mess 1 I wrote about this search term already; thanks for giving me the idea.
if u r feeling guilty, i m ok with that image 1
paul meier riding on coat tails of paul maier 1
invading the narcs boundaries 1 Watch them fly into a rage.

Search term that made me go hmmmm


the narcissist’s front yard is immaculate but their backyard is a mess

Figuratively speaking, this is true, but I wonder if it’s literally true also. Do narcissists keep up the appearance of their house only where it can be seen? I wonder about that.

This search term had me spewing coffee out my nose

I really needed a laugh today. I was looking through old posts and saw this, and it had the same effect on me it did the first time. I think I found the perfect photo for this too, which is as funny as the search term that inspired it.

Lucky Otters Haven


dealing with narcissistic cake decorator coworker

I don’t know quite why this one sent me into fits of uncontrollable laughter, but it just did.

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Search terms roundup #7

Furry narcissists.*

My search terms for the past 7 days. My comments are in bold.

2015-04-12 to Today
n 23 Looking up Narcissist?
songs about narcissists 7
song about narcissistic mothers 4
is demons by image dragons about narcissist 3 Yes, a self-aware one.
joel victoria osteen graphic cartoon 3
songs about narcissistic people 3 3
vulnerable narcissists 2
celebrities with narcissistic personality disorder 2
the vulnerable narcissist 2
narcissistic stare 2 2
* furry narcissism 2 Good topic for a future article. Thanks!
aspergers and not drinking alcohol 2
l ron hubbard in 1973 documentary 2
narcissist father playing the victim 2
offensive christian bumper stickers 2
reptilian aliens narcissism 2
narcissus’s death flower 2
luckyottershaven 2
thanks 1
beth the psychopathic child 1
narcissist at a funeral 1
vigil daffodil 1
sociopath vs psychopath 1
lucky otter museumof narcissism 1
do narcissists love their mothers 1
do narcissists cry 1
streaking naked humiliation story 1 1
narcissim and hell 1
psychopath snake eyes 1
reparenting a narcissist 1
famous people with narcissistic personality disorder 1
step mom exhibitionist story 1
munchausen by proxy cases world map 1
benign narcissist 1
onion 1
my way narcissistic song 1
how to get money from my narcissistic mother 1 Tell her you’re buying something for her with it.
exhibitionism at home with son 1 OMG! 😮
where in the bible did joel osteen find that eve bore two babies in one day 1 Osteen said that?
famous people narcissistic personality disorder 1
narcissism is a disease 1
pitiful narcissist 1
gaslighted how to tell 1
beth thomas 1
vulnerable and grandiose 1
family withholding inheritance because i’m bipolar 1 That really sucks.
chain reaction cycles 1
narcissistic projection blaming 1
narcissists and holidays 1
rock songs about narcissists 1
edm clow vibe evil 1 What?
illusions 1
ate only children typically narcisstic 1 I think you mean “are” not “ate”
grandiose narcissism, manipulation 1
otter documentaries/ you tube 1
healing after narcissistic abuse pinterest 1
is ferris bueller the villain 1 No, he was the hero but a psychopathic hero. Still a good movie.
narcissist boundary violations 1
is there a cure for cerebral narcissisim? 1 Yes, a kick in the head.
boys facing exams funny cartoon images 1
famous case of narcissism in a criminal 1
psychopath unconditional love 1 Um…isn’t this an oxymoron?
david berg psychopath 1
help my son is a furry 1 Accept what he is. It’s not as bad as you think.
autism and narcissists abuse 1
cerebral somatic narcissistic 1
bon jovi behavior 1980s 1
narcissists make you feel crazy 1 I agree.
pictures of malignant narcissists 1
only child narcissism 1
optical illusions 1
paul wink scapegoat golden child 1 I’ll have to look this person up.
celeb women with narcissistic personality disorder 1
narcissism first appearance 1
i was just a toy for him- quotes 1
michelle duggar covert narcissist 1 Covert or not, I’d say she’s a narcissist.
paranoia quotes funny 1
sorry to a friend 1
my birthday is like my death anniversary 1 I am so sorry.
celebrities with npd 1
boundaries narcissists violate 1
narcissist stares at me 1 They do that a lot.
psychopaths looking into their eyes 1
i’ve been permanently discard narcissist 1 Consider yourself lucky. You’re better off.
john and beth thomas 2015 1
wordpress return to classic mode 1 Yes, PLEASE!
vulnerable narcissism 1
psychedelic father and baby pics 1 That’s a trippy visual. Are you sure you don’t mean “psychopathic”?
narcissist grouchines 1
hysteria victorian literature enema 1 Um, interesting.
only child of narcissistic mother both golden child and scapegoat 1 That’s me!
famous person with narcissistic personality disorder 1
narcissit cards roz chast 1
eyes set to kill song quotes 1
he knew he was a narcissist 1
sam vaknin gaslighting social media 1
bumper stickers sa 1
psychopath and their gaze 1
spiritual help for the narcissist 1
empath and cats 1
histrionic silent treatment 1
avoidant personality disorder brought up as scapegoat 1
personality change male late 40s racist, depressed, angry, paranoid, envy 1
what makes narcs sad 1 Losing their source of supply.
lonely girl tumblr photography 1
i’m a highly sensitive person and i have a narcissist mother 1 Join the club.
narcissist celebrity 1
reptilian gaze 1
cerebral narcissist husband 1
psychopath and marriage 1
hsp and covert narcissist 1
being gaslighted by sociopath who has sex online 1
univerty i get to get the fuck otter mn try to froget my scoohl .com 1 What?
psychopath gaze 1
marriage to psychpath 1
best friends are people who make us laigh little louder wallpaper 1
spring season 1
narcissism and pets 1
malignant narcissist 1
do narcissists have scary eyes 1
charlie brown personality disorder 1 If I were to diagnose him, I’d say he has Avoidant PD.
is michelle duggar a narcissistic personality 1 Without a doubt.
do malignant narcissists regret 1
songs about narcissism 1
natcissist zero sentiment 1
malignant optimism disorder 1
hsp and narcissism 1
narcissists anonymous 1
how to take control when you are being gaslighted 1
Unknown search terms 816

Search terms roundup #6


Okay, so I finally posted my “scary” post. Before I post the next one (even scarier in a way than the last–when you read it you’ll understand why), I wanted something funny and lighthearted so here are this week’s search terms. I always find these so entertaining.

2015-03-15 to Today
Search Views

songs about narcissism 5
youtube song narcissist lover 3
blogs on men delivered from jezebel/narcissistic spirit 3 [Interesting.]
narcissist song 2
sam vaknin psychopath eyes 2 [sort of]
narcissistic stare 2
narcissistic families are like a cult 2 [Excellent observation.]
i’m not antisocial will smith 2 [LOL!]
song about hating a narcissist love 2
malignant narcissistic mothers liars 2
do narcissists cry 2
sociopath vs psychopath vs narcissist 2 [It’s confusing, isn’t it?]
kimbra famous fears me 2 [WHAT?]
1980’s narssistic music 2
narcissists who become victims of abuse 2 [It’s happened.]
songs about narcissists 2
reptilian stare psychopath 2
are narcs affectionate 1 [Not really. Getting hugged by one is like getting hugged by a raptor.]
psychopaths are made 1
i ahte narcissism song 1 [ate it or hate it?]
song about narcissism 1
things introverts won’t tell you 1
15 things introverts will never tell you 1
carton funny stickers smile laughing love angry sorry crying 1
does the narcissist serve a spiritual purpose 1
narcissist bucket list for you 1
thanks 1 [anytime!]
songs with narcissist in the lyrics 1
aspergers arrested 1
narcissism survivor network 1
narcissts wierd little laugh 1 [Hehe!]
obsessed with my narcissistic ex 1
hop into easter skip ole’ winter jump into spring 1
aspergers being arrested 1
tove lo hobbie 1
are narcissists redeemable 1 [The jury’s out on that. Most people seem to think not].
gaslighting examples 1
why narcicisst hurt hsp 1
narcissism sociopath how to tell by their eyes 1
borderline personality disorder relationships 1
best songs about narcissism 1
narcissists hate christmas 1 [I know many who love it but they always ruin it for everyone else.]
npd with bpd, aspd 1 [Is it possible to have all 3 in the same person?]
jesus wasnt aware of narcissists 1 [Why do you think that?]
do autistisc not have intimacy 1
communication with narcissist 1
what do you do if you are being gaslighted? 1 [Run like hell.]
narcissistic agenda 1
furry otter 1 [hah!]
my psychopath child stories 1
narrsists are hot 1 [I love your creative spelling.]
narcissism in the movies 1
funny narcissistic stories 1
spring 1
10 narcissistic song 1
fake friends 1
place of safety for disowned teenagers 1
my daughter made me cry 1
songs of the narcissist 1
why is road rage a narcissistic personality 1
best optical illusion hd wallpaper mysterious pics 1
infj mirroring a sociopath 1 [Good article idea for the future, thanks!]
do hsp have comorbid borderline personality disorder 1 [I do, I do!]
narcissistic disorder bumper stickers 1 [There are bumper stickers for ACONs? I’d be scared a narc might tailgate me if they saw one on my car.]
malignant narc 1
empaths think their crap doesnt stink 1 [Okay, you’re entitled to your opinion.]
famous person has narcissistic personality disorder 1 [Which one?]
narcissism tales 1
the problem with me is that i love too much… i care too much quotes 1
museum of online trolls 1 [I’d like to see that.]
albert einstein quote narcissistic people 1
celebrities with narcissistic personality disorder 1
how do i convince my 13 year old daughter that she has been brainwashed by a narcissistic psychopath 1 [Get her away from the narc if you can.]
jennifer bush believes her mother kathy made her sick 1
love chast 1
recovering from narcissistic abuse 1
youtube going no contact 1
seeing through the narcissists mask 1 [Let me know how that works out for you.]
righteous anger is not bad 1
psychopaths have no taste or hobbies they copy others 1 [Good observation. They are copycats.]
my daughter is borderline 1
what happened to brother beth thomas 1
narcassitic songs 1
jokes about being narcissistic 1
narcissist jumped into relationship 1
some guys hitting on mt exhibionist wife 1
does robert durst really have aspergers 1 [No, he is an evil raging psychopath.]
robert durst eye tricks 1 [Creepy! 😮 ]
cerebral narcissist 1
songs about narcissistic girls 1
people hate me and treat me like im stupid 1 [I’m sorry, that sucks.]
Unknown search terms 750

Search terms roundup #5


It’s time once again for another search terms roundup since at the moment I have no other ideas (well, I do but it will take a while to write up).
These are my search terms for the last 7 days; my comments as always will be in bold.

2015-03-02 to Today
Search Views

optcalillusion 10
perspective 3
narcissists and the creepy stare 3 [Lots of narcs have that.]
famous criminal narcissists 3
lucky otter blog 3 [You called?]
poems about narcissist 3 2
how does a narcissistic woman take revenge on a former infatuation? 2 [are you the narcissistic spiteful bitch or the poor guy she might do something bad to?]
do narcissists believe in god 2 [They believe they are God.]
families by design beth thomas 2
forever alone 2 [I’m sorry]
fake friend 2
righteous anger 2
films about narcissists 2
500 pound peep 2 [Good blog]
female psychopaths 2
narcissism 12 step program 2
anime girl and boy leaving 2
almost there 1
the defensive, deluded narcissist 1 [Aren’t they all?]
city raises psychopaths 1
malignant narcissistic parent blog 1
people treat me like i’m stupid 1 [LOL, someone looked for this]
hell natcissist 1 [LMAO]
did ralph wright play in mommie dearest 1
songs about narcissistic mothers 1
best songs about narcissism 1
narcissistic bloggers 1 [Not me! Not me!]
psychopaths dont feed pets 1 [Really?]
weight issue malignant narcissit 1 [Maybe all their weight has gone to their head. Their head: 10 lbs of deadly useless fat]
a narcissit in 12step recovery 1
narcissists and codependents a match made in hell 1
vulnerable narcissists dont care 1
bumper sticker 1
famous people with npd 1
narcs are dangerous 1 [So you say!]
somatic narcissists relationships 1
pain chart with faces 1
gaslight from a borderline roommate 1 [sorry, that sucks]
are narcissist dark entities 1 [That’s an idea that’s been put on the table a few times]
child abuse victims turn into narcissists 1 [Some do.]
hoovering psychology 1
reptilian eyes psychopath 1 [Yikes!]
narcissistic rage glare 1
are people with aspergers prone to hyper vigilance 1 [if they’ve been raised by narcs or married to one, yes.]
optical illusion pictures 1 [I need to do another optical illusions post soon. People liked that one.]
perfect songs to a narcissist 1 [Why do you want to sing to your narcissist?]
i’m stupid 1 [No, you’re not. You found this blog.]
when narcissit cry 1 [Everybody leave the room!]
lucky otter and narcissism 1 [Yes, it’s been a constant refrain throughout my life.]
narcissistic abuse recovery program 1
a boy leaving a girl alone 1
narcissist cleaning 1
psychopaths and pets 1
narcissist jumps from relationship 1
parental narcissism 1
why are narcs highly sensitive 1 [Hey, that’s awesome, you have the same idea I do. It’s the true self that’s sensitive though, and it’s hidden]
is it safe in my christianity 1 [Is what safe?]
don’t use my past against me quotes 1
does npd ever feel they have achieved 1
sam vaknin lidija 1
scientology and psychopath 1
parents hate furries 1 [Not this parent of a furry]
background thank you for attention untuk power point 1 [what?]
exhibitionist mom 1 [You talkin’ bout my mom?]
narcissism is good 1 [In small doses for survival, yes.]
co dependcy to boerderlines & narcs? how to break the cycle 1 [Try Spellcheck next time, bub.]
celebrities with narcissistic personality disorder 1
sam vaknin luckyothershaven 1
when customers don’t tip 1
yankee candle scientology beach 1 [I want some! How can I get some of that?]
loving boy dead.girl cry alone 1 [How sad.]
healing colors chakras 1
thanks 1 [you’re welcome.]
narcissists gradious greams 1 [um, what?]
introvert in relationship 1
12 step recovery from narcissist abuse 1
demonic malignant narcissism 1
what does “poking a snake with a stick mean?” 1 [If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t get close to a snake or a narc or piss them off]
is daisy winter autistic or does she have a personality disorder? 1
narcissistic lyrics to songs 2014 1 1
i think i might be falling in love with you lyrics 1
obssesion with cleaning on a narcisist woman 1
psychopath marriage 1
malignant narcissism and the supernatural 1
never get back together with a narcissist drug addict 1 [Good advice]
narcissistic father how to get back piss them off 1 [Going No Contact is a better way to handle him if you can]
psychopaths have many faces 1
make no mistake narcissists are evil 1
who was narcissus 1
Unknown search terms 574

Search terms roundup #4


I love looking at my search terms. These are my terms over the past 7 days. My comments appear bolded in brackets. Past lists have been funnier, but there’s some gems here too.

covert somatic narcissist 5
songs about narcissists 3
psychopathy scapegoating 3
where can i see the movie the narcissist 2
“people of the lie” 2
songs about narcissists lovers 2 [almost time for me to do another roundup of narc songs]
is david berg a psychopath 2
otterlover 58, blog 2 [Here I am!]
wrinkly peep dick 2 [LMAO! Are you for real?]
merrimints candy recipe 2
laughing at the narcissist 1
songs related to narcissism 1
dissease of needing attention/adulation 1 [it’s called Narcissism]
being abused in relationship quotes 1
narcissistic fathers 1
narcissists no sense of humor 1
narcissistic family values 1
psychopaths and pets 1
perspective pictures 1
difference between grandiose and vulnerable narcissism 1
healing quotes for aspergers 1
malignant narcissist so envious of daughter to put black magic curse upon her 1 [OMG really?]
beware of the internet child abuse 1
i ‘ m frustrated 1
abusive boyfriend quotes 1
tired of being treated like a stupid person because i have an. accent 1 [I’m sorry]
can a psychopath be cured 1
narcissit franticly 1
narcissism and supernatural 1
the movie/ narcissist 1
borderline personality disorder 1
can narcissists cry 1
songs that can be about narcissist 1
12 step programme to heal a narcissts 1 [I don’t think there is one]
vaknin narcissism 1
narcissistic personality disorder animal abuse 1
narcissists eyes 1
beth psycopath child 1
covert narcissists and extreme neglect 1
are narcissists spoiled or abused as children 1
narcissists and their victim quotes 1
smith and cult stockholm syndrome 1
the film ordinary people and triangulation in relationships 1
sam vaknin narcissists true self 1
i dated a flying monkey who loves a narcissist [that sucks]
mom the exhibitionist 1
narssisistic songs 1
only child of narcissistic mother 1
diets for christian empaths [there’s a diet for everything, I guess.]
the narcissistic stare 1
nature vs nurture debate nurture side 1
jehovah’s witness furry fandom [interesting]
man withholding sex aspergers or cerebral narcissist 1
my sons a furry 1 [this article at the top of page 1 of Google now]
narcissistic country love songs 1
what the hell is a narc [you’ve come to the right place to find out]
scientific findings about emoticon use 1
bpd psychopath gaze 1
exhibitionist mothers 1
1960s-1970s ranch house plans 1
narcissist the movie 1
greek safe place 1
do psychopaths hate animals 1
fuck you snow 1 [Yeah, give that white stuff a piece of your mind!]
when narcs go into rages are they dangerous 1
divorce 1
is sam vaknin a narcissist

Search terms roundup: edition 3


Here’s another installment of recent search terms. I can’t get enough of these. My comments are in bold.

the 16 signs of a narcsisist scot basset 2 I’ll have to look him up. I have no idea who he is.
psychopaths and pets 1
narcissism 12 step program 1
saddam hussein personality traits 1 Psychopathic, if you ask me.
songs about narcissists 1 Narcs do inspire great music! I might make a compliation disc of the ones I’ve put together. There’s only 2 or 3 of those songs I don’t like.
my son won a competition blog 1 Wow, someone actually searched for this. (my son got 2nd place in a dance competition)
interview with narcissist 1
narcissist cries tears of joy 1 Is that possible? I thought their tears were only for themselves when they’ve been injured or they want something.
merrimints candy 1 I didn’t know these were so popular. They are great!
why are neurotypicals so stupid 1 LMAO!
has a malignant narcissist ever been cured 1 I would love to find out one has been.
fark caturday january 4 2015 1 fark?
hsp narcissistic 1
is chakra balancing good for clusterb personality disorder It probably can’t hurt. Though Christian, I believe in chakra healing. I think the chakras in someone with BPD or NPD are disconnected and the higher ones (crown, third eye, and heart) are close to nonfunctional.

My search terms: second edition


I love reading my search terms. Among the predictable and dull, there are always some hilarious ones there too. Here are my latest (from the past 7 days). I’ve highlighted the ones that made me spew various beverages out of my nose. (My comments, if I included any, are highlighted in parentheses.)

2014-12-25 to Today
Search Views

thanks 3
narcissistic abuse comment 3 3
narcissists hate happy people 2
can narcissists also be autistic 2 (Interesting–this may be worth looking into and writing about)
malignant narcissism vaknin 2
parents hate furries 2
500 pound peep 2
thanxx 1
raised by narcissists 1
psychopathic stare & smirk 1
hsp and narcissist 1
narcissistic supply mother 1
famous people with npd 1
sam vaknin say jesus is narcissist 1
why people with personality disorders ruin the holidays 1
2014 pop song: im narcissistic and 1
psychopaths hate intamacy 1
merrimints candy 1
what do psycos hate 1
sam vaknin liar 1
did sam vankin say he’s a narcissist? 1
what causes a child that is very intelligent to become stupid in adulthood 1
beth psychopath 1
npd mother so i reject my beauty 1 (Interesting)
how to change my origin email 1
somatic narcissism and relationships 1
is joel osteen narcissistic 1
jodi arias 1
millennials are narcissistic 1
sam vaknin narcissist dog 1 (Ermmm…thinking of keeping Sam as a pet? You might want to check with his wife about that first)
the psychopathic stare celebrities 1
narcissists are in hell 1
vain and narcissistic hip hop music 1 (I think pretty much all of it is?)
narcissist mother blog december 2014 1
avoidant scapegoat 1
my “toad” dad and my narcissistic mom 1 (Is that what happened when she kissed him?)
stupid narcissist bitch 1
konversation narcissist 1
sam vatkin traits 1
why are psychopaths so good to their pets 1 (Ummmm…see this:
jesus 1
i hate cream cheese 1
dad pimps daughter 1
nipping narcissistic behavior 1 (maybe this is the same person mistaking Sam Vaknin for a dog).
narcissist and the occult 1
narcissists golden child and theft of money 1
Unknown search terms 149