My search terms: second edition


I love reading my search terms. Among the predictable and dull, there are always some hilarious ones there too. Here are my latest (from the past 7 days). I’ve highlighted the ones that made me spew various beverages out of my nose. (My comments, if I included any, are highlighted in parentheses.)

2014-12-25 to Today
Search Views

thanks 3
narcissistic abuse comment 3 3
narcissists hate happy people 2
can narcissists also be autistic 2 (Interesting–this may be worth looking into and writing about)
malignant narcissism vaknin 2
parents hate furries 2
500 pound peep 2
thanxx 1
raised by narcissists 1
psychopathic stare & smirk 1
hsp and narcissist 1
narcissistic supply mother 1
famous people with npd 1
sam vaknin say jesus is narcissist 1
why people with personality disorders ruin the holidays 1
2014 pop song: im narcissistic and 1
psychopaths hate intamacy 1
merrimints candy 1
what do psycos hate 1
sam vaknin liar 1
did sam vankin say he’s a narcissist? 1
what causes a child that is very intelligent to become stupid in adulthood 1
beth psychopath 1
npd mother so i reject my beauty 1 (Interesting)
how to change my origin email 1
somatic narcissism and relationships 1
is joel osteen narcissistic 1
jodi arias 1
millennials are narcissistic 1
sam vaknin narcissist dog 1 (Ermmm…thinking of keeping Sam as a pet? You might want to check with his wife about that first)
the psychopathic stare celebrities 1
narcissists are in hell 1
vain and narcissistic hip hop music 1 (I think pretty much all of it is?)
narcissist mother blog december 2014 1
avoidant scapegoat 1
my “toad” dad and my narcissistic mom 1 (Is that what happened when she kissed him?)
stupid narcissist bitch 1
konversation narcissist 1
sam vatkin traits 1
why are psychopaths so good to their pets 1 (Ummmm…see this:
jesus 1
i hate cream cheese 1
dad pimps daughter 1
nipping narcissistic behavior 1 (maybe this is the same person mistaking Sam Vaknin for a dog).
narcissist and the occult 1
narcissists golden child and theft of money 1
Unknown search terms 149

7 thoughts on “My search terms: second edition

  1. Interesting search terms. I slipped over to the post about pets…it stirred my soul, as I had been the person emotionally tortured with my love for animals…along with my older kids. I followed the dad’s “rules” for my animals once we moved in with him, which led to death…I found homes for many of them so that they wouldn’t be abused…talk about ignoring a huge red flag…. I have one young cat now. My youngest is scared of it, but through therapy, we are trying to overcome the intense fear she has developed for animals. I have a feeling it’s related to witnessing so much animal cruelty and anger from the dad toward animals….

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    • Your dad sounds like my ex’s mom–used animals and his children’s attachment to them as a way to control and manipulate his kids. That’s very callous behavior and can only be understood by someone with no empathy and no attachment to the pets in the home.
      That’s a shame about your youngest, but fear of cats isn’t uncommon. I hope she can work things out in therapy.


  2. Ha! I love search terms. I tend to get all the ones about men and women, like “are men stupid? WTH is wrong with girls??” All the teen age angst and misery of trying to have a relationship comes across loud and clear.

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