Faces, faces everywhere!

One of my favorite sites is Faces In Things, which is actually a Twitter account I follow.  Every day, people send in photos of things–anything at all–that looks like a face or even looks like something it isn’t.    If you are on Twitter, you should definitely follow this account.  You can actually scroll down to see other entries using the arrow on the right side of the embed.

I often look for faces when I’m lying in bed, half awake.  I’ll stare at the shadows and patterns in the curtains or up at the horrible popcorn ceiling and see faces there.   I know some people like to do this when they’ve been partaking in a certain weed too.  😉

But you don’t have to be half asleep or stoned to see faces everywhere.    I decided to go for a drive today and take pictures of all the faces I saw.    I hope you like them and my captions too.

U mad?

I’m sorry if I offended you.

All cars have a face.  This one looked a little surprised to see me taking its picture.

This poor house looks so dejected. I think it needs a hug.

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid–with my new monacle!


Oh no, you again?  You’re gonna spit in my mouth again, aren’t you?

Think stuff promoted to kids today encourage bad behavior? Think again.


If you think we’ve reached a pinnacle of questionable marketing to kids, check out this 1938 novelty catalog.  Almost every ad promotes antisocial behavior of some kind.    By the way, the website I found it on (retrospace.org) is incredibly addictive.   (That’s why I haven’t posted in almost 2 days!)


Narc chuckles.

Admit it, narcissism can be funny!   I found a few new cartoons I haven’t seen before and thought I’d post ’em here.   Enjoy.    If you find them offensive, get over yourself 😉


'Are you googling your own name again?'

‘Are you googling your own name again?’


'That's enough about me, now let's concentrate on you. What did you think of my performance?'

‘That’s enough about me, now let’s concentrate on you. What did you think of my performance?’





Uncontrollable laughter.


Ever have one of those laughing-seizures over nothing? I was just over on Twitter unfollowing about 140 accounts that weren’t following me back, and started looking at some stupid things there (Twitter is full of stupid shit), which sent me into peals of uncontrollable laughter. Don’t even ask me what was so funny because I don’t really know. All I know is I started laughing so hard I was crying and couldn’t stop. It felt great! I wish that happened more often. I definitely recommend at least one episode of uncontrollable laughter a day.

Search terms roundup #8: my weirdest and funniest search terms for May

Credit: Belladefeer’s Bucket

I decided to do something a little different. Instead of just posting search terms for one week and include all the boring ones, here I’m just going to list the search terms from the past month that are the weirdest, most interesting or the funniest. So here they are!

2015-05-01 to Today

what personality disorder arrives after being raised by a narcissistic father It could be almost all of them but did one knock at your door?
can npd be cured by faith 3 Maybe.
help@shopbonanza 2 You’re obviously on the wrong site.
nsrcissist + vaknin – ant 2 Is this some kind of equation? What are you trying to find out?
how psychopaths dogs 2
is phychopath has cat 2
doesmentalillnessexcuseabuse? 2 It might be easier to find what you want if you used spaces between words.
do narcs make you fat 2 Hmmm, interesting. Personally I’d rather get fat on cake or ice cream, which tastes better.
narcissist “you’re too sensitive” 2 The narcissist? Or is that what the narcissist is calling you?
narcissist posing as an indigo 1 Wow…I should write about that.
positif thinking 1
how to have a conversation with a narcissist 1 Forget it. It will be a monologue.
i’m stupid, mad, selfish shemless so plz alone me 1 Plz alone me? I know what you mean though.
narcissist and bowel problems 1 LOL!
meth and narcissim 1 I like the idea of a narc without teeth.
almost there 1 Where?
narcissist masturbation 1 ooookayyyyy…
cats are psychopaths 1 They are?
a nasassistic daughtet in law turned my son that way 1 That really sucks, but you mangled “narcissist.” That’s okay though, they deserve mangling.
narcacism.is sexy 1 Snort.
my psychotherapy is a narcissistic dick 1 I like your honesty. Send that therapist packing and get a new one.
daughters of narcisstic mothers dsughtets cutting tsttoos 1
do you have a learning disability or narcissism 1 I think narcissism is an inability to learn empathy so in that sense it could be a learning disability.
good hsps can overpower evil hsps 1
mithrrs fay card narcissidtic no contsct mother 1 Are you drunk?
son sent impersonal mothers day card 1
avoidant personality disorder songs 1 “He’s So Shy” is the one that comes off the top of my head. I’m sure there are others.
snob vs narcissist 1 Confusing, isn’t it?
can your husband be a somatic narcissist what is younger and then as he becomes older becomes rebo purchases 1 What?
toxic danny rage 1 That sounds like a good band name.
my cocaine addict ex boyfriend went into a rage2 months ago and i havent talked to him since and i miss him 1 Sorry but you’re probably better off.
shifts between being vulnerable and a narcissist 1 Sounds like a possible borderline.
political correctness personality disorder 1 If there was one, it would be NPD. Narcissists are obsessed with political correctness.
narcs around the house 1 That made me laugh for some reason.
hot or not narcissistic 1 Not hot.
so my cerebral narc was never sexually attracted to me? 1 Probably not but it’s nothing personal.
under the door damage on my honda accord is it totalled 1 Someone actually Googled my daughter’s car wreck?
haters quotes you can write on cars 1 You should be able to find plenty of them on Google image. I wouldn’t advise writing them on cars though.
sexy male smart face teenage body builders in bath room 1 How did you find this site?
why does my mom think being a furry is a phase 1 My son’s grandfather thinks the same thing.
all are hurting me 1
diabolical machinations of person with npd 1 I like the poetic way you put that.
im a mean narcissist 1 Go away.
bereavement of humourous insect character 1
the narcissist’s front yard is immaculate but their backyard is a mess 1 I wrote about this search term already; thanks for giving me the idea.
if u r feeling guilty, i m ok with that image 1
paul meier riding on coat tails of paul maier 1
invading the narcs boundaries 1 Watch them fly into a rage.

Apes and personality disorders.

I don’t necessarily agree with all of this, but it still got a laugh out of me. Click to enlarge.


My supervisor is going to laugh so hard.


My supervisor should have a huge laugh waiting for her in the morning.

I was so tired when I got home from work I crashed on my bed and fell asleep until I woke up and looked at the clock and saw it was 7:52.

In my half-somnambulent fog, I looked out the window and saw it was light out but not too light, and automatically assumed it was 7:52 in the morning. I panicked because I have to be at work at 8 AM.

So what did this idiot do? This idiot called work and left a message that said I would be running late.

It wasn’t until I got off the phone I remembered I still had all my clothes on and never had dinner. Slowly, it dawned on this idiot it was evening, not morning, and I didn’t have to be anywhere!

I called work back and left another message admitting my mistake. I know my supervisor will have a good laugh when she gets my messages, which is probably good because she’s always such a grumpy b*tch in the morning.
She should give me the day off for that. 😀

Happy Caturday

I felt like I needed something light and cute after my last post. This made me smile. 🙂 Cats are awesome.

bluebird of bitterness

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So I’m going to out-narc my annoying narcissistic roommate.

I was cleaning out my hall closet under the stairs today (it was a disaster, believe me) and had a brilliant idea. My narcissistic roommate has, as usual, been annoying me all day, following me around like a needy puppy and asking her usual nosy questions. (For what it’s worth, things have gotten better. She’s actually trying to respect my boundaries and with my daughter out of the picture–she didn’t like her–things have been a bit more peaceful).

View of the acceptably organized closet after I bagged up stuff to throw away or give to Goodwill:

EEK! Whathehellisthat???!!!?

The second photo leads us into the way I plan to have some fun with Roomie later. While I was tossing things into black garbage bags for Goodwill, I found this hairy spider from a couple of Halloweens ago. His wire legs bend into all different positions. I know my roommate goes in this closet a lot (even though there is nothing of hers in here anymore–maybe she goes in there to change her masks) so I decided to give old Spidey a perch on the wooden clothes dowel.


I can’t wait to see how she reacts when she finds Spidey there waving at her.



Maybe…just maybe I’ll even act all innocent and sweetly smile and say,

I have no idea what you’re talking about. You MUST be imagining things. Perhaps you need to see a psychiatrist?

I’m terrible.

This search term had me spewing coffee out my nose

I really needed a laugh today. I was looking through old posts and saw this, and it had the same effect on me it did the first time. I think I found the perfect photo for this too, which is as funny as the search term that inspired it.

Lucky Otters Haven


dealing with narcissistic cake decorator coworker

I don’t know quite why this one sent me into fits of uncontrollable laughter, but it just did.

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