Narc chuckles.

Admit it, narcissism can be funny!   I found a few new cartoons I haven’t seen before and thought I’d post ’em here.   Enjoy.    If you find them offensive, get over yourself 😉


'Are you googling your own name again?'

‘Are you googling your own name again?’


'That's enough about me, now let's concentrate on you. What did you think of my performance?'

‘That’s enough about me, now let’s concentrate on you. What did you think of my performance?’





Me and jokes.


Having my kind of disorders (Avoidant, BPD and possible [self-identified] cNPD), I have a hard time coping with jokes made at my own expense. I try to hide my anger/hurt and joke back, but it never goes over very well and people can usually tell I’m offended or hurt anyway. It makes me feel too exposed and vulnerable, and that’s why I prefer solitude than being around people.

I also don’t care for those old fashioned jokes you have to “get.” It’s not that I can’t understand the joke, but that I always feel pressure to “get it” and spend the whole time they’re telling me the joke worrying that I might not get it and they’ll think I’m stupid. 😳 😕

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy too, because I spend so much time stressing over maybe not getting the joke that I wind up *not* getting it! And then feeling stupid when I have to fake-laugh.

Most people always want to tell you those kind of jokes and I stress too much about it.
I much prefer random, goofy, wtf humor you don’t have to “get.” Like Roz Chast cartoons. 8)

New books for psychopathic business leaders!


Found in the same copy of MAD I wrote about a couple weeks ago … obviously this is supposed to be a joke but 3 of the titles recognize the psychopathy the business world reeks with!
Sorry about the crappy quality of the photo — my phone camera sucks.

The 3 titles are: “Blame Shifting for Success,” “Awaken the Cold and Heartless Capitalist Within,” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Dishonest People.”

No, these books are not actually for sale but they could be, because they’re not too far off from actual books about how to become a filthy rich narcissistic master of the universe.

Personality disordered insects?


Cluster Bees.

April Fool’s Last Laugh


Hey, I know it’s almost April 2nd, but not too late for another joke.

I have decided to take this blog down.


After much soul searching, I have come to the decision to take down this blog.

I simply have too many things going on at the moment to devote so much time to writing about mental health issues and realize I’m just not that interested in this subject anymore.

So, until I find a new focus, I am taking this blog down.

I apologize to my followers for this last minute decision. I know some of you visit here every day. Rest assured, I will miss you all as much as you will miss visiting here. But I have no other choice right now.
There are plenty of other blogs covering the topics of narcissism and mental health issues. Please check Info and Support in the header for some of my suggestions.

There is one last thing I have to say before I sign off for good.