Personality disordered insects?


Cluster Bees.


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        • I used to be that way about honey, haha. I actually used to have a terror of finding a dead bee or part of a bee in the honey. The comb type really creeped me out. Those holes gave me the heebie jeebies. Now I love the combs–they’re waxy and you can chew on them like gum or actually they taste more like those wax lips and fingers we used to buy as kids,

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          • Ok. Ok. Ok.
            Oh. Ack. I don’t know why just looking at the bees or talking about it gives me the heebie jeebies.

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            • I’m weird but you know what I have a huge phobia about? Amputated insect wings. OMG, when I see one I feel like I’m going to faint and scream at the same time or go insane. That scares me so much I have no idea why. Everyone thinks it’s a really strange phobia. I don’t know anyone else who has it. I don’t like large winged insects either. It’s their veins or something, idk but it freaks me out. I love dragonflies though, go figure. I even have a tattoo of one.
              I might write a post about my weird phobia.

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  1. Buzz..Buzz…Buzz…. looks like a cluster (BLEEP).

    I’ve got some hornet and wasp spray if you need it. Also an epi-pen in case all the stinging little buzzers put you into anaphylactic shock. (My hubby is deathly allergic to bee stings. And he wants to get hummingbird feeders! Which attract bees! Hello! No!)

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    I grew up in Texas I hate beetles of any kind. Particularly large flying ones. They freak me out. Roaches too we had them in our apartment and I freaked out when I saw even one. I don’t think it is a phobia as they are gross disgusting horrid things. Believe it or not my worst phobia is escalators. I wouldn’t go on them as a kid I thought I would be dragged under by my shoes. Weird I know. Living in NYC I had to get over it to some extent to get around. I have a drivers license won’t drive afraid of hitting someone and killing them. You aren’t alone. I think we all have some phobia or another.

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  3. I guess we know now where the expression comes from–‘the bees knees’–so rare! Or the more common cluster f__k! I do love honey, though not the sting. We do need the little bees, though, for they pollinate everything in the world. Without bees, we would have no food…

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