New books for psychopathic business leaders!


Found in the same copy of MAD I wrote about a couple weeks ago … obviously this is supposed to be a joke but 3 of the titles recognize the psychopathy the business world reeks with!
Sorry about the crappy quality of the photo — my phone camera sucks.

The 3 titles are: “Blame Shifting for Success,” “Awaken the Cold and Heartless Capitalist Within,” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Dishonest People.”

No, these books are not actually for sale but they could be, because they’re not too far off from actual books about how to become a filthy rich narcissistic master of the universe.


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  1. How to crush people beneath your boot heal and suck their soul to gain riches.

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  2. dennis says:

    “true and inward nature…”, eh?

    Real life: ” how to make friends (slaves) and influence (control) people.” 2)” 48 laws of power”
    (how to let one’s Archetypal nature shine forth ever stronger…)

    Fictional: “Des Geheimnis freude Lebens” (formal title of ‘the black book’)

    Not yet (completely) written: “a treatise upon the nature of Normies.”

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  3. I have nominated you for the once a Victim, Now A Survivor Award. If you choose to accept you can copy and paste the badge from my post. To see the details please see my post here…survivor-award/
    xx~ Bree

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