Narc chuckles.

Admit it, narcissism can be funny!   I found a few new cartoons I haven’t seen before and thought I’d post ’em here.   Enjoy.    If you find them offensive, get over yourself 😉


'Are you googling your own name again?'

‘Are you googling your own name again?’


'That's enough about me, now let's concentrate on you. What did you think of my performance?'

‘That’s enough about me, now let’s concentrate on you. What did you think of my performance?’





12 thoughts on “Narc chuckles.

    • me too, I seem to have been in a state of trauma and sheer panic the entire time as I look back. and had to daily keep denying my true feelings… takes a lot of non stop LYING. to myself. mostly about being powerless… and the fact that if I had money id go be safe in a heartbeat. wow so technically its a captivity . so scary. but all in the mind.. as we can, when well! but I couldn’t then…as much..

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      • It sucks how money or the lack of it can determine whether you can keep yourself safe or not…and all too often, if you stay due to lack of funds, you get blamed for it. It makes me so angry.


  1. Hhhaha 😂😂😂 i decided to increase my self steem by becoming arrogant… Well there is a hell of an N in that statement. 😂😂😂
    Funny but I mean it for real

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    • I just watched this. What power cult does she run? I didn’t get the feeling she’s a narcissist (though she could be, it’s hard to tell from such a short speech), just someone who seems kind of eccentric.

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