Only 862 views yesterday?!

I know I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I used to (I hope to change that soon — I just haven’t been as motivated), and a drop off in views is expected.    But yesterday’s views were about half of what they have been: only 862.

I’m not sure if this is an internet issue, a sudden drop off of interest, or even the Net Neutrality repeal going into effect (most of my readers are in the United States, and maybe people can’t access this site anymore).

I hope it isn’t the last one, because there’d be nothing I can do to remedy the situation.  If it’s a drop off in interest, I can start posting more again.  That’s a situation I can control to some extent.

Are any other bloggers having this issue?

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  1. ONLY 862 views? Are you serious? Green-eyed monster time! I was thrilled to see I got 116 views on August 1. Then it dropped off again to 41 on Aug. 2 and 48 August 3. And you’re saying 862 views is only HALF of what you’re used to? ARRGGHHH! How about the rest of you? Are you closer to Lucky’s or mine?

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  2. I’ve had a huge drop-off as well, but it goes back a few months. Not sure if it’s some errors Google picked up in a scan (but they’ve been fixed). Or trying out Google Amp (but I only did that for a few days). Or maybe the new GDPR thing–Is everybody opting out of tracking so none of my trackers pick them up anymore?

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      • Maybe everybody’s on Twitter now, but I don’t want to micro-blog everything. 😛 Also, on Twitter it’s harder to moderate trolls. I can’t ban somebody’s IP address like I can on my site.

        Other things are changing as well: Project Wonderful just shut down. They couldn’t keep up with the competition from other ad services, I believe it was. It’s just as well because I stopped putting ads on my site, trying to make it load as fast and smoothly as possible, and direct people to my own stuff instead. But the other ad services, well, suck: restrictions, little to no vetting, autoplay videos, hackers. So I’m not making anything on my site anymore, compared to a few pennies a month. 😉

        So it looks like blogging is changing, but my site is about as old as my teenage son and I can’t take it down now. Too much is on there! Too much of “me.” Stories, books, drawings, memoirs, etc. I keep blogging even though few people seem to pay attention anymore. Except for my stalkers, and even they’re losing interest. *sigh*

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        • I feel the same way about my blog, which isn’t as old as yours but is no longer new. It’s almost 4 years old now. A lot has changed in the blogging world even in that relatively short amount of time. Blogs don’t seem to be the big thing they did a few years ago, as more people microblog or spend more time on social media or on Youtube. I remember feeling that way about forums before that. I used to love forums, and they do still exist but certainly aren’t as popular or numerous as they used to be. Now blogs are going that way too, apparently. (You can see my attempts at video under my Sunburst, NC and Tampa/Clearwater, FL vacation posts. )

          Since learning how to make rudimentary Youtube videos on my phone, I am actually considering a Youtube adjunct to this blog. but I’m shy about appearing on video so I don’t know. I also have to get better at the production, lol. I suck at it right now.

          Facebook is not a good platform for promoting this blog even though it has its own page. The reasons why are numerous but mostly it’s privacy issues. I’ve never gotten any traction at all from LinkedIn or Tumblr or Pinterest (which I don’t really understand anyhow). Twitter is full of trolls and bots, but since I have a large following there, it’s still a good place for me to share my stuff, especially the political stuff. Not as good as SU was, but better than other platforms I’ve used. I might consider setting up a video platform on Youtube next to make up for the SU loss.


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