Gone forever.


In the late ’70’s, for about one year, I lived in a group residence for troubled teenagers or teenagers who could not live at home for a variety of reasons.  The building it was housed in was an architectural standout even if it didn’t date very well, and won a couple of awards for architecture in its time.  (I’d post a photo because there is one on Google images, but I don’t want to give away too much information so I won’t do it).

One of my weird geeky hobbies is taking “virtual road trips” using Google maps.  I decided to “visit” the old ‘hood, and the address  typed in took me to a building I have never seen before.   I thought I made a mistake, but nope, the address was the right one.  I did some further sleuthing and found out the building was demolished in 2003 because the enterprise that bought out the address didn’t think the building suited their needs.   The residence center closed shortly before the demolition.  I had no idea this happened until about an hour ago.    I was gobsmacked by how grief stricken I felt–over a building I lived in for one year in the late 1970’s that has been gone for 13 years.   I actually had some great memories of that place and felt that it helped me.  I had a great counselor there.  I fell head over heels in love with a boy who lived there the same time I did.   We were both kicked out and sent back home because of “PC” (physical contact) on the premises.  I found out several years back that he died sometime in the late ’90s.  Life marches on, things change, or even disappear, and then they are forgotten.     Life is full of fleeting moments like that.  Someday in the not too distant future, even my memories will be lost.


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  1. Poignantly said, Lauren! I know you can’t but I wish you could post a pic LOL I love anything historical or “antique” I have always felt somehow old buildings and landscapes are “alive” and have a story to tell. I keep a journal so I don’t lose my memories but the other day I came to realize that I just can’t journal enough to keep them all so like you said some will be lost. I love your musical way of thinking (just my perceptions LOL) I have a fanciful mind! I feel your blog, Linda’s and Katie’s have meant so much to me and I feel like the three of you help me cope with my newfound knowledge that my mom and sister are narcissists while at the same time feed my artistic-hungry soul. Have a great weekend!

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  2. The house where I spent the first twenty years of my life was demolished shortly after my father’s death. It was one of those tiny cracker box houses from the late forties that used to be ubiquitous in many towns. (The new owner put up a McMansion in its place.) The second house I lived in (for only a year) burned to the ground not long after I’d moved away. I still have dreams about both places, even though I moved out of the first one forty-one years ago and the second one forty years ago and neither one exists any longer. Weird.

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