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I hope it snows tonight.

I’m actually hoping it snows tomorrow. That’s right, this hardcore snow-hater who has written entire posts grousing about its inconveniences and dangers, is praying for the white stuff to happen overnight. I want to look out my window tomorrow morning … Continue reading

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Meaning in things we take for granted.

Today’s the fourth day I’ve been snowbound, after the big winter storm that hit the East coast on Friday. I had to get to the store, and still can’t drive anywhere, so I walked the mile to the gas station. … Continue reading

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I guess I won’t be going anywhere today.

The view from my window at around 7:30 AM: 8:45 AM: It shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

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New York street in the snow.

Even though winter’s over and I don’t care for that season, I’m still in love with this photo. (Click to enlarge) NEW YORK CITY STREET VIEW PART 1–Photo Credit: Unknown Photographer Matthew Jackson Facebook Page:

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Alright, snow, you’re pretty. Satisfied now?

As much as I hate cold weather and snow, I have to admit this scene when I looked out my window today is beautiful. Sure, it means another day of not being able to get to work (and my water … Continue reading

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Go away, winter.

When I opened my front door this morning, I saw this lovely scene. I’ve had it. This hasn’t been such a bad winter overall, until this month. If we’re going to get snow and sub-zero temperatures here in western North … Continue reading

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Snow and sky.

I took some photos around Asheville, North Carolina yesterday and today. Yesterday’s photos are the sunny ones. Today’s are the ones with the trippy looking sky. It’s warmed up quite a bit, with temperatures above freezing for the first time … Continue reading

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why I can’t stand snow

“Sooooo….I hear it’s gonna be a rough winter this year.” ARGGGHHHH! I hear this every single year, starting in about August. It drives me insane. First of all, how does anyone know how rough the winter’s gonna be? Weather forecasters … Continue reading

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