How I spent my break today.

I took photos!










Memorial day at the lake.

I took my daughter and her boyfriend to Lake Powhatan in Arden, NC today for swimming and a picnic (hamburgers cooked on one of the grills there, potato salad, and lemonade). We were so hungry we ate first, and then went in the water. It was a perfect sunny day, but due to the huge crowds, we had to park the car 3/4 of a mile away and walk to the lake with a heavy cooler! It’s a good thing there were three of us to take turns carrying it.

Here are some pictures. The lake is beautiful but it was cold, so I didn’t do much swimming. As you can see, I also got a little sunburned! We also had an encounter with some ducks. They showed no fear of the people there at all.









End of the day.

Driving home today from a nice day with my daughter at the movies (and doing the mom thing–helping her clean her apartment), I was taken by how beautiful the sunset was, so I took these two photos.


Click to enlarge photos.

The progression of spring: April 25th

I’m doing this a day early because the weather was so gorgeous today and who knows about tomorrow. One day doesn’t make a big difference, so here’s this week’s photos.
It’s starting to look a lot like early summer for the most part.

The same neon green field I thought was so trippy looking one month ago. Now with everything else green too, it looks less weird but is just as green.

The same field from another angle. In the distance cows are grazing. Both these photos were actually taken on 4/23. I cheated.

Taken around 11 AM today in front of the post office.

The same location as the March 8th and March 29th photos.

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Springtime Pond.

Click photo to enlarge.

Every day I seem to find something new to photograph. I saw this lovely pond today. There were honking geese there too, but I wasn’t able to get a photo of them.

Whenever I see a scene like this, I can’t help thinking about Narcissus meeting his end in a setting very much like this one.

I love this time of year so much, and there’s no better place than western North Carolina to see all the small miracles happening every day in Nature’s march toward summer.

These photos are not color enhanced!

I was out in Leicester, NC today and suddenly saw this huge field with grass so bright I thought someone slipped LSD into my water bottle. Or that I’d somehow been transported to western Ireland. I have never seen grass as green as this. These photos don’t even capture the neon intensity of the green.



Here’s a bonus photo of the mountains about 20 miles south of Leicester. The grass here is “normal” green–contrast that with the above photos.
I love this part of the country in the spring. ❤


Snow and sky.

I took some photos around Asheville, North Carolina yesterday and today. Yesterday’s photos are the sunny ones. Today’s are the ones with the trippy looking sky. It’s warmed up quite a bit, with temperatures above freezing for the first time in a week.

If you click this photo to make it larger and look closely at the left hand side where the land meets the sky, you can see the top of Mount Mitchell, part of the Black Mountain range of the Blue Ridge, and the highest peak on the East Coast. It’s covered with snow.

Other snowy photos from yesterday:




The sky is on hallucinogens! (these photos are from today)
These photos don’t quite capture the almost otherworldly weirdness of the sky today. These are not storm clouds. I don’t know the name of these wavy clouds but they are shaped by wind currents.
Click the photos to enlarge.






On the drive home today

A mile away, the snow was blowing so hard there was practically no visibility and I thought my car would blow off the road. But here, I caught a couple of photos of the French Broad River on the way home from work just before the snow and wind began to hit. There was still a little patchy sun.



A Sunday drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway

On one gorgeous Sunday afternoon back in June, my daughter, her boyfriend and I decided to take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina, which is close to my home. I thought I’d share some of the photos we took. The view was breathtaking, even though it was very foggy (at that elevation, you’re actually in the clouds).  It was coolish and cloudy up there, but very hot and sunny when we returned to lower elevations.

parkway1 parkway2 parkway3 parkway4 parkway5 parkway6 parkway7