Memorial Day 2018

Today we honor the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our democracy and freedom, in particular our WWII heroes, who fought against a regime that sought to oppress, dehumanize, and kill.  We won that war, and will never allow fascism to take hold of our nation.  Not if we can do anything about it.


Memorial day at the lake.

I took my daughter and her boyfriend to Lake Powhatan in Arden, NC today for swimming and a picnic (hamburgers cooked on one of the grills there, potato salad, and lemonade). We were so hungry we ate first, and then went in the water. It was a perfect sunny day, but due to the huge crowds, we had to park the car 3/4 of a mile away and walk to the lake with a heavy cooler! It’s a good thing there were three of us to take turns carrying it.

Here are some pictures. The lake is beautiful but it was cold, so I didn’t do much swimming. As you can see, I also got a little sunburned! We also had an encounter with some ducks. They showed no fear of the people there at all.