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Springtime Pond.

Click photo to enlarge. Every day I seem to find something new to photograph. I saw this lovely pond today. There were honking geese there too, but I wasn’t able to get a photo of them. Whenever I see a … Continue reading

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Poetry by Audrey Michelle, Spoken Word Artist Esstera’s Echo and Narcissus on Deviantart. An arrow was aimed at a Knight self-created A man’s just a man ’till his worth is inflated

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Would someone really name their child “Narcissus”?

Apparently so, because it’s on this website about baby names. But looking at its popularity in the United States, it isn’t and never was. The only time it even appears on the graph was in the late 1800’s, and then … Continue reading

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Stunning “Narcissus” dance performance

Trailer from the dance film “Narcissus” by Giorgio Madia. Moving and beautiful. I wish I knew where to see the entire film.

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Who was Narcissus?

Many artists have depicted Narcissus, the legendary Greek hunter who loved to stare at his own image in pools of water, but eventually realized he could never possess just a reflection of himself, and in deep despair, killed himself. Other … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Narcissism: much less than just a pretty face

Narcissism is a disorder named after Narcissus, a young hunter who, according to Greek mythology, fell so much in love with his own reflection staring back at him in a pool of water, that he fell in the pool and … Continue reading

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