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Dubstep dance.

My son started dancing almost 4 years ago.  He never had a lesson and is completely self taught.  He placed second twice in two dance competitions. This is him dancing near his home yesterday. Advertisements

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Dancing in the storm video!

The other day I posted a photo of my son dancing outside during a thunderstorm. Here’s the entire video he made of himself while dancing to two songs. Dancing in an open space during a thunderstorm probably isn’t the smartest … Continue reading

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My son’s second 2nd place dance performance!

On Saturday night, my son was at a convention for furries in Orlando where he competed in the dance competition. He and his friends worked on this for months. My son did the choreography. Here is the result. Unlike his … Continue reading

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My son’s dancing this weekend!

My son’s in Orlando, attending Megaplex (a furry convention) and right now I’m following his Twitter account and living vicariously through that, because he’s going to be having so much fun for the next 4 days. He’s in the dance … Continue reading

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Dancing alone on the beach.

That’s what my son is doing here.

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My son competing in “Floor Wars” at Furry Weekend Atlanta

My son competed in three dance competitions this past weekend in Atlanta. Unfortunately he didn’t make finals this time in the solo fursuit competition and he says the group performance he choreographed was a mess (I disagree). He did do … Continue reading

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Video of my son dancing

Here is a video my son made of himself dancing. He is presently leading the choreography for a group of five dancers (himself included) at another convention he’s attending in Atlanta in two weeks. He’ll also be competing in the … Continue reading

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Watch this Incredible 13 year old dancer.

I just saw this on Twitter. K. J. Takahashi is an amazingly talented 13 year old Dubstep dancer from Dallas, Texas. Even if you don’t like dubstep, this boy’s legwork and fluidity is incredible. ETA: Quixotic Faith (who has an … Continue reading

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Stunning “Narcissus” dance performance

Trailer from the dance film “Narcissus” by Giorgio Madia. Moving and beautiful. I wish I knew where to see the entire film.

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My son’s dance competition performance

If anyone is interested, here’s my son’s dance competition entry at Midwest Furfest, held in Chicago, where he placed second in his division (out of 51). He is dressed as “Mex,” the hipster weasel. Here’s a better video that includes … Continue reading

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