Watch this Incredible 13 year old dancer.

I just saw this on Twitter. K. J. Takahashi is an amazingly talented 13 year old Dubstep dancer from Dallas, Texas. Even if you don’t like dubstep, this boy’s legwork and fluidity is incredible.

ETA: Quixotic Faith (who has an awesome blog) just informed me this type of dancing is called “animating.”
My son does this type of dancing too, but he’s not THIS good.

9 thoughts on “Watch this Incredible 13 year old dancer.

  1. Holy crap! He’s so good. The music is dubstep, you’d call a dancer who does this style an “animator.” I learned that from watching So You Think You Can Dance, which is a really fun show πŸ™‚

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    • That is a fun show. I didn’t know it was called that, but I bet my son could tell me some things because he does this type of dancing too. He’s good but not as good as this kid.

      QF, I just linked to your blog in my post and edited it to include your info.

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        • He dances in fursuit and I have posted him dancing before. He dances without his fursuit too but I have no videos of that. If you wnat to see his fursuit performances (one he won second place out of 51 dancers) I can get the links for you and put them here, there are 2 videos of him dancing in this blog.


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