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Taking things to the next level.

My son has been dancing competitively at fursuit conventions around the country since 2013.  He is completely self taught in urban and street dancing (never took a dance lesson) and has managed a string of second- and third-place finishes, both … Continue reading

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Joyful dancing.

Credit: Omar Z. Robles photography I just had had another dream. I feel like this is important too. It started out terrifying and turned positive. I’m living in a large, unnamed city that seems a lot like 1970s-1980s New York. … Continue reading

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Dancing in the storm video!

The other day I posted a photo of my son dancing outside during a thunderstorm. Here’s the entire video he made of himself while dancing to two songs. Dancing in an open space during a thunderstorm probably isn’t the smartest … Continue reading

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Dancing in the storm.

Photo of my son dancing during a storm. The white area isn’t sunlight–it’s lightning. This was taken after dark! Click to enlarge.

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Watch this Incredible 13 year old dancer.

I just saw this on Twitter. K. J. Takahashi is an amazingly talented 13 year old Dubstep dancer from Dallas, Texas. Even if you don’t like dubstep, this boy’s legwork and fluidity is incredible. ETA: Quixotic Faith (who has an … Continue reading

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OMFG. My son won 2nd place in the dance competition!

I can’t believe it. I’m in tears right now. Ethan wanted to make the Top 3 so badly, and he did one better than that (this was out of a group of 50 dancers–he made it to the final ten … Continue reading

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Hate crime on furries? My son is at the hotel that had a gas leak!!!

Evacuees standing outside the Hyatt hotel in Rosemont, IL last night. Last night there was a serious chemical leak at the Hyatt Hotel in Rosemont, IL, outside Chicago, hospitalizing 19 people and causing the entire hotel to be evacuated. Here … Continue reading

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