Hate crime on furries? My son is at the hotel that had a gas leak!!!

Evacuees standing outside the Hyatt hotel in Rosemont, IL last night.

Last night there was a serious chemical leak at the Hyatt Hotel in Rosemont, IL, outside Chicago, hospitalizing 19 people and causing the entire hotel to be evacuated. Here is the news story:


The article contains a video of the evacuation and news commentary.

At the time this happened, Midwest Fur Fest is having its annual 4-day convention there. My son, who is a furry, attended and is staying at this hotel, but he was lucky and did not have to be hospitalized.

Authorities are looking into the matter, and they do believe there’s foul play involved.

Personally I think it was a deliberate act of hate against furries, who are tragically misunderstood by the media and ignorant people who really haven’t researched what the furry fandom is really all about (hint: they are not sexual perverts.)

I wrote this article about furries a couple of months back, and am linking to it if anyone wants more in depth information about furries and the reasons why I don’t mind that my son is one. This article is still one of my most popular and most shared, and it and still appears in my list of Top Posts (though lately it has been eclipsed by my Sam Vaknin articles, LOL).

Anyway, I am just so grateful my son is okay! šŸ™‚ It could have been bad…

My son in his fursuit “Mex,” the hipster weasel, with some friends. He will be dancing in this suit today.

On a more positive note, my son was one of ten dancers out of 50 who made it to the finals of the dance competition they are holding today. He is going to perform any moment now (he tweeted me that he’s a bag of nerves). The Top 3 dancers win a prize and a trophy (plus it’s a huge honor!). I think he’s good enough to win third place, at least, but even if he doesn’t place in the Top 3, making the Top 10 is awesome and he should be so proud! I’ll post the Youtube video of his performance when it’s up.

10 thoughts on “Hate crime on furries? My son is at the hotel that had a gas leak!!!

    • It’s a horrible story, isn’t it? I am almost positive it was a hate crime. I’m so glad they discovered it and evacuated people before a real tragedy could have occurred.
      I’ll def. take a look at the video and see if I see him there.


        • only a psychopath or group of psychopaths would do something like that….if it was actually not just an accident (I don’t think it was).
          I worry about him a little in that hotel tonight, but I’m sure they’re being extra vigilant now


  1. I *still* have trouble with people doing this kind of rubbish.

    While I can (intellectually) understand likely motives in the case of Normies (I include *cluster B pds* under the Normal umbrella, because they can ***do*** social BS, and do so preferentially as a means of doing worthwhile activities) there is a part of me that says: “what were they doing to you?”

    #7+&, I don’t dress up like Fudd himself and wander around with a shotgun whispering ” be vewwy, vewwy quiet. I’m hunting social predators… “. I keep thinking ” If the entirety of Normdom wants to *waste its collective time* gaming each other instead of doing something useful – let ’em. I’ll not bother them unless they look inclined to game *me*…”

    ps: for some truly odd reason, whenever I hear of Furries, I think of ferrets: they have wondrously soft fur (which feels incredibly good…), and their Latin name: Mustela Putorius FURO. Oh, and they’re loads of fun, too.

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    • Good points. I don’t understand why people would hunt down people with hobbies or interests that piss them off either. If you don’t like what they do for fun, find your own hobby instead of predating those who piss you off. Of course there are those who just hate have nothing better to do than take away someone else’s fun.

      Ferrets–in fact, it’s funny because my son (who is furry) used to have two of them. They are wondrously soft and so intelligent and playful too. They do stink a bit though, but other than that they are great pets. He doesn’t have the ferrets anymore (one died back in the fall and the other one–not sure what happened to it) , he still has his two dogs though and two female rats.


  2. I used to raise rats (when I could not get a regular job back in the late seventies). Dogs – usuall – are too ‘intrusive’ – too ‘noisy’. I feel coerced around most dogs.

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    • I’m a cat person myself. I prefer an animal who’s just there and doesn’t make too many demands. I do love dogs, but I prefer cats. They never invade my boundaries the way a dog does.


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