The progression of Spring: March 29

This week many of the smaller ornamental trees began to bloom. The white “snowball” trees with their bright white blossoms by today were already dropping their petals and giving way to the pale bright green underneath. The cherry blossoms are in full flower and those too are giving way to green leaves. Most of the larger trees are still bare though and only showing hints of color. Those will probably start blooming next month. The grass in my yard could definitely use a mow. It’s getting pretty tall!

spring329-1 spring329-2
spring329-3 spring329-4

Here’s the same scene from earlier weeks, taken in my neighborhood:

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3 thoughts on “The progression of Spring: March 29

  1. Sigh…we are not progressing quite as quickly up this way. Your pics are gorgeous. Love those cherry blossoms. I can just see the bulbs on our dogwood tree and our lilac bush (which is more like a tree. Looking forward to the lilacs blossoming. It’s my favorite thing in our yard.

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    • If you live up north, spring probably isn’t as far along yet. When I lived in NY, I remember it wouldn’t start looking like this until the middle of April.

      I got a little scared last night because the temps dipped below freezing and it snowed! I was afraid it would kill off all the blooms. That actually happened here in 2007 or 2008 (I forget which year). We had a freak deep freeze around April 15th (it got to around 18 degrees F) and all the blooms were killed off. I think it can go a little below freezing but not that much. I remember going on a hike in early May and it was so freaky because it was hot out but all the trees were still bare! They finally did turn green again but without all the blooms. I guess they only bloom one time.
      I also remember in 2003 there was a freak snowstorm on April 17th!!!! I remember that date because it was the day my cat gave birth to kittens. ❤

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      • Thankfully I’m not that far north. Southeastern PA and although our weather is weird this time of year, it hasn’t usually been that freaky. But we have had snow in April…in the distant past. I have neighbors who are from Buffalo so I’ve heard some crazy stories about their winters. You can keep that shit, thank you very much. lol. Glad the Spring is coming along down there though, it def means it will be here soon too.

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