The progression of spring: April 20th

On-again off-again rain all day today, but more sunshine than yesterday. This past week, the green has exploded and it’s starting to look more like early summer than it did just a week ago. Only the tallest trees (and those at high elevations on the mountaintops some of which are STILL almost bare) are still not really green yet. I was given some bulbs today that I’ll plant tomorrow probably. I don’t know what kind of bulbs they are!


These two photos were taken from my house, looking across the road.

spring_4_20_2 spring_4_20_3

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  1. I love nature and amateur photography, too. Here in New Mexico our weather is very extreme so I get a lot of photo opportunities. Wish I could send you the photos I took in June 2012 of a massive awesome super cell storm that destroyed most of the roofs in our town. We had hail larger than baseballs. Sounded like boulders pounding the roof it was wild. But… today my laptop bit the dust so I don’t know when I will be able to send you those pictures. I am typing this message on my cell phone. So if I seem scarce after today, that is why. 😦

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