The progression of spring: April 25th

I’m doing this a day early because the weather was so gorgeous today and who knows about tomorrow. One day doesn’t make a big difference, so here’s this week’s photos.
It’s starting to look a lot like early summer for the most part.

The same neon green field I thought was so trippy looking one month ago. Now with everything else green too, it looks less weird but is just as green.

The same field from another angle. In the distance cows are grazing. Both these photos were actually taken on 4/23. I cheated.

Taken around 11 AM today in front of the post office.

The same location as the March 8th and March 29th photos.

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1 thought on “The progression of spring: April 25th

  1. Pretty. Lots of space there too. The east coast (ish) really is beautiful. How far are you from the beaches? Outside of Philly PA we are about 2-3 hours depending on which beach you’re talking about.

    I still can’t believe the dogwoods still haven’t completely blossomed. They are little tiny flowers right now, but you can’t really tell what color they are yet.

    It is a beautiful Sunday here…so nice and sunny. I sat out on the ground with my cat and coffee a couple of hours ago. 🙂


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