These photos are not color enhanced!

I was out in Leicester, NC today and suddenly saw this huge field with grass so bright I thought someone slipped LSD into my water bottle. Or that I’d somehow been transported to western Ireland. I have never seen grass as green as this. These photos don’t even capture the neon intensity of the green.



Here’s a bonus photo of the mountains about 20 miles south of Leicester. The grass here is “normal” green–contrast that with the above photos.
I love this part of the country in the spring. ❤



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4 Responses to These photos are not color enhanced!

  1. safirefalcon says:

    Wow! It’s so pretty down there. Does the mountain have a name?


  2. Man, that is some super green grass! It’s still very brown here in Wisconsin. Glad you got outside to enjoy it.

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  3. Beautiful photos they really look like Spring 😀


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