I noticed something since yesterday. I’m not getting much spam anymore. Since about October, my spam count was increasing; on some days I’d have as many as 50-60 spam messages in my spam folder. Yesterday I had just 4; today only one. Weird. I know it’s a good thing I’m not getting as much spam, but I’m curious as to why. Has anyone else noticed they haven’t been getting as much spam? Most of mine were about SEO or Uggs boots or other clothing and accessories. They contain fake messages meant to fool you, like “I’m really enjoying your blog.” Most likely these messages are “written” by bots, not real people.

If you don’t have Akismet spam blocker, you should definitely add it to your blog. You can find it in the dashboard, and it’s a fantastic service that saves you a LOT of time and aggravation. You can opt for spam to be automatically deleted where you never see it, but I prefer the option of it being put in the spam folder, where I can look at it because occasionally a message that isn’t spam goes in there. All you have to do then is “unspam” it and it goes in your comments folder which you can approve or not, as with any other comment.

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  1. The quantity of spam varies a lot, for no apparent reason. Sometimes I get tons of it, other times maybe two or three a day. Some of the spam comments are hilarious. They read as if they were written in Russian, then translated from Russian to Swahili, then from Swahili to English.

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