My Seasonal Affective Disorder makes me want to hibernate until spring.

It’s baaaaack!  I hate this time of year.

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Graph I made showing my mood pattern throughout the year. It’s this way every year.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my SAD.

SAD is triggered by the lack of light and shortening days for those affected with it. During the shorter days the brain produces more melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that induces sleepiness in certain animals, like bears. It’s the reason why some mammals hibernate until the warmer, longer days of spring. Unfortunately, some humans retain this biological urge to hibernate, but because we must continue to live productive lives, our natural urge to sleep is ignored and seasonal depression is the result.

I seem to suffer from a weird form of SAD. The fall is much more depressing to me than winter. Most people with SAD feel terrible in late fall AND all winter. But for me, I start feeling depressed sometime in mid-August, when the…

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4 thoughts on “My Seasonal Affective Disorder makes me want to hibernate until spring.

  1. I have a little bit the same… its sad to let go of summer.. but I love snow.. i thought you also loved snow??
    I will be with you.. wanting to hibernate. through Oct-Dec. Although I also find holidays stressful , I wont participate in such a stress. I buy one gift for my kids , I dont buy new decoration and I will be away at the mountains. I dont agree to be part of the stress. The time should be for inner thinking and plans to be s better person but its all turned into a commercial stress. No way il making part of that. I profit that Im away from my family who do live the stress of christmas. In latin America they make a huge thing out of it.. and have my peace! Keep posting please! Let us know how you do to cope.

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  2. I think it makes sense that your SAD hits harder when the hormonal change (melatonin) starts and by a few months later you’ve adapted to it in some way. Also, after the Winter Solstice the days begin getting longer, so there’s more light. I’m sorry you have to deal with all that.

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    • I take melatonin to help with the sumptoms and also have a Light Therapy Lamp one of my readers sent me (which needs new batteries). I like the crazy dreams the melatonin gives me, haha! Some people hate them, but I think they’re cool. They’re much more vivid than regular dreams.

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