15 Heartwarming Facts about Mister Rogers.


Most of you probably remember Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, the children’s show that aired on PBS (NET) in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Fred Rogers exuded kindness and empathy,  qualities that seem very rare today.  Well, according to this Mental Floss article, he was as good and kind in real life as he was to the millions of young fans who watched his show.

#13 is especially interesting.   Fred Rogers speaks at a hearing where conservatives were considering cutting funding for public television (PBS).   Rogers gives a heartfelt speech about what cutting funding would mean for America’s children, and in a move you would never see in today’s political climate, the conservatives were so moved by Rogers’ speech they not only decided not to cut funding for PBS, they decided to increase it!  Imagine something like that happening today.

In these dark times, I like to read stories about good people doing good things, whether they are from the past or the present.   Enjoy!

Fifteen Heartwarming Facts About Mister Rogers 

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