A beary good day.


I took a drive out to Lake Logan, about 30 miles from here.  The lake’s surface was so still it was like a mirror.  There was no human activity at all (this is a very isolated lake, but in the summer there is still quite a bit of activity from people camping in the area).


There’s a definite fall feel in the air even though the days are still hot and most of the leaves haven’t really begun to turn yet.   Summer is definitely over.

Driving back home along some back roads, was I in for a surprise!    This black bear was standing in the middle of the road and at one point was quite close, but he quickly lumbered off before I could grab my phone to get a closeup picture.   I managed to snap this photo before he disappeared back into the woods.  I guess he found the attention unbearable.




33 thoughts on “A beary good day.

  1. Enjoyed your day trip blog post Lucky:) Unbearable, very cute! It sounded like the park was quite isolated. Be careful as a woman alone, I’ve heard so much on the news lately of women who were seriously harmed(by men), and all of them were unaccompanied.

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      • Hi Ruby. After Prairie Girl stopped blogging, I continued to text some with her for awhile. Then she seemed to lose interest in texting, too. She would always reply briefly to my texts, but she completely stopped initiating texts, and I did not want to be pushy, so I stopped texting her. That was after our last texts, when she assured me that she was doing great, but that she was very busy on some projects. I think it was about a year ago when we had our last brief phone text conversation.

        I haven’t heard from the writer of Katie’s Dream in maybe a year and a half. We emailed for a short time after she stopped blogging. But then the emails stopped, too. Once again, I backed off because I did not want to be a pest.

        I miss Katie and Prairie Girl. And now, Bethany Kays has ended her blog recently, too. I don’t know if you followed her? She does wonderful photography. I sent her an email a couple of days ago asking if she was ok and Bethany assured me that she was fine.

        How are you doing, Ruby?

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        • Hi Linda:) Thank you for getting back to me with such a nice, lengthy explanatory reply. Im doing pretty good, thanks. Im living with my Mom and things are going great. There had been trouble in my life for some years and I had thought my family was behind it but they werent. I believe it was an ex boyfriend. I am busy trying to become a good Christian woman and gain wisdom from The Bible so I dont have any more bad experiences. I would somehow like to communicate with Prarie Girl. Back when we all had our blogs going she had invited me to email with her privately but I never did. I got to thinking about her and if there is some way I could give you my contact information you could give it to her for me if she is interested. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you:)

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          • Wow Ruby, the new direction and understanding in your life sounds wonderful. Isn’t it amazing how different situations and relationships can totally change the way see things?

            If you want to send me your contact information, I will gladly forward it to Prairie Girl. You can reach me at: LadyQuixote (at) live (dot) com. Please put in the subject line that you are Ruby. That way, even if it ends up in my spam folder, I can find you. I don’t know why so many of the emails that people send me end up in spam.

            I hope you have a happy Sunday. Both my husband and my stepdaughter are sick with some kind of a cold or flu, so I will be going to church by myself. It is way too early in the season for colds and flu. I’m trying not to worry about that, but worrying about my loved ones is what I tend to do. Especially when they are sick.

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          • Hey Ruby, it sounds like you are doing pretty well thse days. I’m no longer in touch with Prairie Girl so I can’t help you track her down but I do remember her blog and that was really nice when we were all blogging buddies. I’m glad it turned out your family was not what you thought they were but that sucks it might have been another person setting you and your family up. Congratulations on your spiritual growth too, that certainly can’t hurt.


            • Thank you Lucky:) I would love to have our little blogging group back going again. My Single and on Disability blog didn’t do so well so I might just get back to commenting. We’ll see. The problems in my life seemed to stem from narc men abusers who were trying to isolate me and cause financial catastrophe’s. I eventually started to go broke so when I asked my family for much in need money and they mailed it to me, I realized it wasn’t them. These men came from a social site. I hadn’t met them through someone else.

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            • I always enjoyed your comments and hope to see more of them, but I do hope you try blogging again sometime. I remember reading about what happened with your family. Could it have been gangstalking do you think? It kind of sounds like it might have been that.


        • It’s so strange in the blogosphere, the way people we felt close to suddenluy disappear and you have no idea what happened or even if they are ok or not.

          I wasn’t a close follower of PG (though I did stop by her blog now and then), but I always wondered why Katie stopped blogging. She was an incredible writer and so helpful to me during that time.

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            • I was really addicted to her writings. She was like a saintlike figure who came around when I needed her most, and she sort of brought us all together as a group. Then she disappeared just as mysteriously and suddenly. It sounds sort of crazy but at the time I thought maybe she was an angel on a mission. Spiritually, she seemed incredibly advanced and seemed to almost have some kind of uncanny spiritual wisdom. Does that sound crazy or what?

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          • I agree, Katie’s blog was awesome. If I remember correctly, she got a new job around the time that she ended her blog. I think she had been on disability for quite awhile prior to getting that job, and she was both excited and nervous about the new beginning. I believe she may have been worried that her blog might hold her back in her new career, if it should ever came to light that she was the author, because she had shared some very personal things on her blog. However, I am only guessing that this may have been her reason for ending the blog. It could be that she just did not have the energy to work and blog, both, with all the health issues she was dealing with.

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    • They like to go through garbage cans and dumpsters looking for food. But they still seem to prefer more wooded, rural areas. People around here living in the woods or up in the mountains say they have to chain down or lock up their trashcans.

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      • Yes, it is a big issue here in Highlands. This morning, when I went to the grocery store, every trash can in that shopping center was dumped over and gone through, which happens several time a week. I don’t put garbage out until shortly before the truck comes. Some of the weekend people have learned to take their garbage home with them rather than put it out Sunday afternoon.

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  2. Hi Lucky:) Yes I believe gangstalking exists and that was what is was. The narcs behind it *want* you to call it gangstalking because then you put the crazy card on yourself. I believe they are doing it, denying it, and calling you crazy. I think they somehow have an app on your phone and locate you through it and cause all kinds of problems for you in real life. Long story short, they make drama. They can even get into your apartment. Its a criminal gang from online in my opinion. Apparently I learned too much about the wrong person. My family had nothing to do with it and they have been very helpful to me. In fact since I started going to church and adopted my dog they seem delighted with me:)


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