Mental health day?


I haven’t called out of work sick since July.   But today I did.  Here were my three reasons.

  1.  It’s sleeting and snowing out, and I can’t drive in that stuff.   Did I ever tell you I hate this time of year?  No?  Well, I hate this time of year.   Once the peak fall color and pleasant weather of October is gone, all that’s left is cold, short, dreary days with rain, ice, and snow; and everything turns brown and somber.   How can anyone LIKE November?  And don’t tell me Thanksgiving makes up for it.  It doesn’t.   The start of the holiday shopping season makes it even worse.
  2.  I am morbidly depressed (SAD at full intensity, plus serious family problems going on that I’m not ready to talk about).  If you pray, say a prayer for my family, my daughter, and myself.  I’ll explain all in a later post.   She is not well.
  3.  I wanted to watch the live impeachment hearings starting today.  Just found out today is Tuesday, not Wednesday, so they start tomorrow.     The first two reasons are good enough to warrant this day I can just curl up on the couch under some cozy blankets and read or sleep.

6 thoughts on “Mental health day?

  1. November isn’t my favorite month either. And this extreme weather is insane. Sunday our high was 78. Yesterday the high here was 34, our low was 14. Brrrrrr.

    I’m praying for your daughter and the situation.

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  2. I hate this time of year too even though my birthday falls in November, which is a day I have ignored for decades, and even though it will be around 70 tomorrow in SoCal. What I don’t like is that it is almost 5 PM right now and it is nearly dark outside. I’d prefer to do away with “daylight savings time” and have the light stay longer at the end of the day.

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