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The ultimate dissociative experience.

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
Death isn’t something I like to think about, much less write about.  In fact, it’s my biggest fear (outside of the death of one of my children).  Oh, I know all the pat arguments…

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On losing my dad.

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
Me and my father, Summer 1983, Dallas, Texas. I’ve experienced a strange array of emotions since my father’s death on Monday, June 6th. To be more accurate, I haven’t felt too much emotion at…

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The ultimate dissociative experience.

Death isn’t something I like to think about, much less write about.  In fact, it’s my biggest fear (outside of the death of one of my children).  Oh, I know all the pat arguments and rationalizations that it’s not so … Continue reading

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My greatest fear.

I just read this heartbreaking post, in which a mother commemorates the one month anniversary of her 24-year old son’s death (he had been involved in a terrible auto accident not long before he died that left him unconscious and brain … Continue reading

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My bucket list (we all need one).

Originally posted on Lucky Otters Haven:
These are the things I want to do before I die. Of course, these are subject to change and new ones will come along! 1. Write and publish a book about everything I’ve learned…

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Fear of death.

Fear of death, called Thanatophobia, is a common fear, especially in younger people, who under normal circumstances have their entire lives ahead of them and don’t have to worry about the inevitable event happening any time soon. Of course, the … Continue reading

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DMT, healing, spirituality and ego death.

Example of the type of visuals you might see in the beginning of a DMT trip. Disclaimer: I do not recommend or condone taking illegal drugs, nor do I recommend tampering with occult or new age practices such as attempting … Continue reading

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I feel like I’m a bad friend.

Tonight on a whim I looked up an old Facebook friend I hadn’t talked to since 2012 (we had been close from 2009-2011) and was shocked and very upset to learn that she died this past September of Merkel cell … Continue reading

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I am Broken now ….(long post I’m sorry)

My friend and fellow blogger, who is trying to get ready to say goobye to his beloved wife, who is dying of cancer. Please offer your prayers and support for Butch, his wife and their beloved son. My heart is … Continue reading

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Trivia and Snoopy: A love story

WARNING: If you are easily upset by sad animal stories, you may want to skip reading this post. In 1968, when I was eight, we acquired a cat. My parents weren’t cat lovers, but my two parakeets (Maurice and Herr … Continue reading

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