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Fear of death.

Fear of death, called Thanatophobia, is a common fear, especially in younger people, who under normal circumstances have their entire lives ahead of them and don’t have to worry about the inevitable event happening any time soon. Of course, the … Continue reading

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I feel like I’m a bad friend.

Tonight on a whim I looked up an old Facebook friend I hadn’t talked to since 2012 (we had been close from 2009-2011) and was shocked and very upset to learn that she died this past September of Merkel cell … Continue reading

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I am Broken now ….(long post I’m sorry)

My friend and fellow blogger, who is trying to get ready to say goobye to his beloved wife, who is dying of cancer. Please offer your prayers and support for Butch, his wife and their beloved son. My heart is … Continue reading

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Trivia and Snoopy: A love story

WARNING: If you are easily upset by sad animal stories, you may want to skip reading this post. In 1968, when I was eight, we acquired a cat. My parents weren’t cat lovers, but my two parakeets (Maurice and Herr … Continue reading

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I am going to die.

I am going to die. Someday. And so will you. Let’s not kid ourselves–life is a terminal illness and you and I will both die from it sooner or later. My daughter said something just the other day that made … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to a friend

My son had to put his pet ferret, Ozzie, to sleep today. Ozzie was suffering from cancer and was having seizures, so having him put down was the humane and compassionate thing to do. This photo captured their last moment … Continue reading

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