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Our Nation Suffers From C-PTSD

I found two articles that I think many of you will find helpful and informative.  I know I did!    I completely agree with the author that our nation’s most vulnerable — immigrants, the poor, women, the old, the disabled, … Continue reading

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I swear sometimes I feel like Cinderella. Today was a little better than yesterday.  Well, maybe not better, but more productive.  I forgot to mention this in last night’s post (Diving Into the Inferno) but my therapist actually thinks I … Continue reading

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Guest Post #6: Getting By One Day at a Time (Survivor Road)

Survivor Road is a blog written by a man who is a survival of childhood sexual abuse. I am not sure if he wants me to use his first name so I’ll err on the side of caution and not … Continue reading

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Going out for a walk.

I feel good about taking action about something I had hesitated about. I can’t stand having to do things like that, but once you do it, you feel relief. I haven’t been out of the house in almost 2 days, … Continue reading

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I write so my head won’t explode.

Alaina, a frequent commenter on this blog, said she almost named her blog “I Write So My Head Won’t Explode” but decided it was too stupid to be a blog name. I think it’s great. So great I decided to … Continue reading

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I am Broken now ….(long post I’m sorry)

My friend and fellow blogger, who is trying to get ready to say goobye to his beloved wife, who is dying of cancer. Please offer your prayers and support for Butch, his wife and their beloved son. My heart is … Continue reading

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