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In defense of “Cinderella”: is she really a weak Disney princess?

Here is the Twitter thread in which I found this video.   It’s a good explanation of why Cinderella, far from being weak and shallow (only interested in a dress and a man), is actually incredibly brave and a wonderful example … Continue reading

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I swear sometimes I feel like Cinderella. Today was a little better than yesterday.  Well, maybe not better, but more productive.  I forgot to mention this in last night’s post (Diving Into the Inferno) but my therapist actually thinks I … Continue reading

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Malignant narcissism in fairy tales.

Children are educated about malignant narcissism and psychopathy at an early age through seemingly innocent fairy tales. A large percentage of them are really tales of jealousy, envy, pride, vanity and greed. The evil intentioned villains are usually in a … Continue reading

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