Sean Spicer is suffering from PTSD and that’s why he resigned.


Sean Spicer has resigned as Press Secretary.  The reason he gives is because his boss Trump hired Anthony Scaramucci as his new Communications Director.

This video explains Spicer’s decision.  He feels that Scaramucci lacks experience (what else is new in this White House?) and Spicer would wind up doing two jobs for the price of one:

I guess this was the last straw for Spicer, who was obviously crumbling in his thankless role of having to lie for his boss all the time.   The job of Press Secretary is generally one of the easiest cabinet jobs, but in this White House, under this president, it’s probably one of the hardest.

Personally, I think Spicer was looking for a way out and this was the best opportunity for him to escape from his hellish role.       I don’t despise Spicer the way I despise 99.9% of Trump’s staff.    Sure, as a conservative, he accepted the position, but I don’t think he had any idea of what he was signing up for.    Every time I saw Spicer speak to the press, he seemed more angry, more defensive, and more nervous, even to the point where I was sure he was going to run from the podium in sheer panic.    He seemed to really hate his job, and I don’t think it’s because he hates the press.

But his boss does hate the press (most of them being the truth-tellers in this hot political mess), and undoubtedly instructed Spicer  to lie to them about what his intentions were and the things he was doing (and I’ll even speculate he may have threatened him if he didn’t lie).

In spite of his combative manner, Spicer doesn’t strike me as a bad or immoral person. He strikes me as someone suffering from a bad case of PTSD.   In other words, he’s a victim of narcissistic abuse under the most malignantly narcissistic, sociopathic president this country has ever seen.   PTSD often manifests as anger and defensiveness.  What gives him away is his jitteriness and what often appears to be terror in his eyes.   He carries himself around like a whipped dog.    We all remember when Spicer hid in the bushes to avoid having to speak to the press.   It was farcical, but also a sad indication of a man completely unsuited to be doing this type of dirty work for a blackhearted boss.

There was also some evidence that the vulnerable Spicer was in a scapegoat role in Trump’s cabinet.   White House Chief of Staff Steve Bannon said the reason Spicer was appearing less in public (replaced by the insufferable Sarah Huckabee Sanders) was because he was “getting too fat.”  I think that was a lie and smear tactic.  Bannon ought to look in the mirror at his own bloated, unhealthy-looking body before he fat-shames someone else.

I rather like Spicer.  Or more accurately, I feel sorry for him.  He seemed to crumble more by the day and lose his composure easily.  Imagine standing in front of reporters from major newspapers, TV news stations, and other news outlets, most of them hostile to this president, having to field their pointed questions that flew at him like bullets.  Imagine having to answer these questions with grace and intelligence, without losing your cool or sounding like you’re lying your face off.

Spicer tried, but he couldn’t do it.  That’s because I don’t think he’s like the rest of them.   I think he still has some semblance of a conscience and sense of right and wrong.  I don’t have any proof of this, but I sense it from him.   He knew he was lying for a boss who is trying his damndest to be dictator-in-chief and dismantle democracy, and he hated it.   He couldn’t deal with it anymore; if he continued doing it, I think he knew he would be spiritually destroyed.    That’s the danger in not breaking away from a malignant narcissist like Donald Trump and the cabal of flying monkeys and enablers he has surrounded himself with.    Spicer had to go “no contact” with his boss before he lost his own soul.

I also think Spicer knows a lot he’s not saying — yet.   But I think he will, when the dust settles.     I’m waiting for his tell-all book.

I just saw a clip of him on the news leaving the White House, and he was smiling like a man who just won the lottery.    It’s the first time I ever saw him look happy.



11 thoughts on “Sean Spicer is suffering from PTSD and that’s why he resigned.

  1. I feel sorry for anyone with values that is forced through their work to become immoral in any way. Mr. Spicer has looked more and more to me like an abused child. he actually flinched when the President put his hand on Spicer’s shoulder. To me, that was a turning point. I started to feel horrible for him instead of simply thinking he was a fool.

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    • I saw that too. I do think he was being mentally tortured by Trump and his minions, and possibly scapegoated. I’m glad he decided to get the hell out of that hellhole. He did the right thing. I hope he does write a tell all book!

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  2. Did you say the press are the ” truth tellers” lol?? Then why is CNN right behind Nick at Nite and Full House reruns in ratings? The fake news network has lost it’s battle to dirty the water and now they are pouting…and 13th in the ratings ..13th!

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    • Not all of them, no. But in my opinion, the so called “MSM” (NYT, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, NPR, etc. come a lot closer to the truth than does Fox News, Breitbart, InfoWars, etc. That’s not to say most of them aren’t biased though (it’s almost impossible to find a source that just reports the news without either a left- or right-wing bias — unless you rely on foreign news sources like the BBC). Sure, there’s fake news on the left also, but for the most part I think the mainstream media is pretty reliable, even if there is bias. Yes, I do believe the Russia story is absolutely true.

      Please stop listening to Trump’s lies about ‘fake news.’ He calls any news he doesn’t like fake because he’s a narcissist who cannot tolerate any criticism.

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  3. I watch BBC and MSNBC more frequently than other mainstream news media..have to admit all agencies are biased in some form or another, but those two IMO are far less biased than breitbart, fox, and Infowars is simply ludicrous. It isn’t news at all but utter propaganda.

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    • I agree it’s utter propaganda. Yes, most news is biased, even the mainstream media, but the garbage spewing out of Fox News and Breitbart is nothing but lies, hatred and stupidity and it’s obvious to anyone who is able to think critically and isn’t brainwashed by Trump’s lies and fear-based rhetoric.


  4. Yes, Spicer did look like an abused child more and more, though I didn’t think of it that way, until you guys pointed it out here. When I read a news blurb about his resignation, there was this quote from him: “It is a dream come true. I can’t thank the president enough.” I must admit I’m a skimmer of these kinds of articles, so the quote came at me out of context. He must have been talking about his job, not his resignation. It made me laugh though. Yes, a dream come true at last… getting the hell out of dodge!

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    • A few have but they have either left the Republican party or the Trump administration. I believe both James Comey and Sean Spicer woke up and saw the truth. Comey has become a kind of hero to us and I think Sean Spicer is going to spill the beans at some point too. Trump supporters seem brainwashed though. I pray every day they will wake up and the scales fall from their eyes. Trump has all the traits of a cult leader, and his regime IS a dangerous cult.

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  5. Looks like I’m not the only one getting this vibe about Spicer. Tons of tweets today about Spicer being free, having been abused, and being the first to turn on Trump.


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