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F*ck you, Facebook.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Facebook.  I know it’s the best platform on which to share blog posts, but my problem is the nature of my blog.  Much of what I write is highly personal or about my family, … Continue reading

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Graphic example of how Facebook feeds narcissism in young women.

Okay, so my daughter isn’t exactly a kid anymore, since she’s 22, but she’s still young enough that she likes participating in those awful Facebook groups where random people rank your photo based on how attractive they think you are. … Continue reading

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The dumbing down of the Internet

Even Bart Simpson knows what’s going on. Up until 9/11 and its aftermath, and especially since the twin-monster births of Facebook and Twitter (and their older retarded brother MySpace), the Internet was like being set loose in New York City … Continue reading

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When my worlds collide.

Worlds Collide-Phaeton: by Meckie at I have lived in several different online worlds at different times of my life, each as remote from each other as the Milky Way is from The Great Magellanic Cloud. They may even inhabit … Continue reading

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Run-in with a Facebook narc.

My son just tweeted about this. Read these tweets from bottom to top. There’s a malignant narcissist all wrapped up for you with a big red bow on top.

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I’m holding my nose…

I did the unthinkable. I started linking my blog posts with my Facebook account. I did something even more heinous than that. I started talking to people on Facebook, and there’s a vast community of narcissistic abuse survivors. The beauty … Continue reading

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A vast wasteland.

Wasteland 03 by Atelier Olschinsky I remember when forums were a thing. So much has changed in the past 5-10 years, with the proliferation of social media and the enormous popularity of Big Brother Facebook, which started its unholy takeover … Continue reading

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10 reasons why Facebook drives me insane.

I don’t like Facebook. Here’s the reasons why. 1. EVERYONE is on there. I mean EVERYONE. And they WILL find you. 2. It’s the new Big Brother. Potential employers and actual employers use FB to check up on you. You … Continue reading

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The mystery: solved

I came home today to find another huge increase in my view count, but couldn’t immediately figure out why. The last time this happened was when Sam Vaknin visited my blog and linked one of my earlier articles about him … Continue reading

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